One dozen weeks down means Red Ribbon Week


Monday-Wear Red

Tuesday-Wear Your favorite Sports Team (and 4th & 5th also has an author visit)

Wednesday-bring in a canned good

Thursday-Mixed up day (and 4th grade Cobb County Water In house field trip)

Friday-Hat Day (and school wide RRW assembly and 5th grade field trip)

Our classroom door decoration for Red Ribbon Week

Say NO to Drugs and Say NO to Bullying

Thank you all so much for a wonderful conference week. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.

We also had a SUPER time wearing capes on Friday to benefit CHOA.

We also had new technology installed this week. The whiteboard and smart board were replaced with 2 white boards and a Recordex Simply Touch.  We have been enjoying the practice getting to know our new device.

The demolition day 🙁

Our new Simply Touch is amazing! Students decided to use it for a study tool before their Social Studies test.

In math class we played multiplication games for Thursday game day.

More math practice games on Thursday.

Word work is more fun on the new screen too!

While some students played on technology another group played spelling games with the tiles and word cards.

Then we made sentences using a random word from the deck.

Finally, we made different types of sentences; declarative, interrogative and exclamatory.

MATH: We continued working on repeated addition=skip counting=multiplication. We modeled with different modalities including concrete, representational and abstract. We had our Fast Fact Fluency assessment and most students improved. Please keep practicing at home.

MATH PREVIEW: We will continue with single digit multiplication and move into multi-digit multiplication this week or next. Any strategy we use in class has a video on the symbaloo to help with any confusion. We will learn the lattice method, the box method and the standard algorithm. They have to see all three but may use their method of choice during assessments.

WRITING: Students worked on their writing journals with glue ins, brain storming and practicing writing longer pieces.

WRITING PREVIEW: We will continue the opinion unit with the choice prompt. Students may also choose to write about a Red Ribbon Week topic.

SCIENCE PREVIEW: We will be working on simple machines (Inclined plane, pulley, level, wheel & axle, screw, wedge). There will be a test on November 3rd on Simple machines, Force and Motion. A study guide will go home this week.

READING: DRAs were updated for the conferences and will be completed this week.

READING PREVIEW: We will be in the Reading Lab & working on the RACE Strategy. (R-rewrite the question into a statement, A-Answer the question, C-Cite your evidence in the text, E-Explain your answer)

Week 11=Conference week & early release

Image result for parent teacher conference

Please remember that we release 2 hours early all week.

I will do my best to be at each conference. My 3 homeroom teachers do the schedules, 5th grade is meeting with homeroom or their Science/SS teacher so that’s 2 more people setting my schedule. If I am not able to make it to your scheduled time, please let me know. I would be happy to meet with you and go over report cards & progress reports. We can go over journals, grade expectations and preview the upcoming quarter as well.

Also, the school will be getting new technology installed in the classroom so please excuse any mess that we might have. 🙂

Math: We worked on:

concrete (manipulatives)

representational (graph paper arrays) and

abstract (expressions & equations).

We repeatedly went over the fact that repeated addition=skip counting=multiplication.

We also rehearsed that Equation equals equal.

Modeled example using all three methods. We will be working our way through all multiples. This will help us practice our facts and get familiar with seeing multiples.

Working hard!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Choice of using manipulatives.  Some students did not like to use them…

…and some students did.

Math Preview: We will continue to work on our math fact fluency. I would like to see everyone improve this week on their F4 (Fast Fact Fluency Friday). If they do, I will get Monday Munchkins for the class. 😀

Science: We discussed Forces and Motion and we will be moving on to Simple Machines next week. We will not be meeting for Science this week due to early release.

Writing: We took our Opinion Pre-writing prompt and spent the rest of the week discussing the elements of an Opinion paper. We talked about fact versus opinion. We worked on coming up with solid evidence to defend our opinion.

Writing Preview: We will take the prompt that students wrote on Friday and build upon that. We will work on the hook, the supporting details and the closing. We will use our pro’s and cons organizer that we made last week to support our stance.

Reading: We got into the reading lab and used the computers. We also did our read aloud, Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. This is a classic and one of my favorites. The class voted on what we would read next and I believe everyone is enjoying it.

Reading Preview: We will be back in the reading lab, hopefully working on rotations. It all depends on the county’s installation of the new smart boards. Hopefully that will not disrupt our class being in the lab.

Whistle blow-that’s the end of the quarter folks!

The first week of October is behind us already. We had a beautiful full harvest moon and we are currently getting rain from yet another hurricane. This year has been odd for sure. We also had a fun treat watching the Kindergartener’s with their Zoophonics parade through the halls on Friday morning. This is such an adorable contrast to the bittersweet Walk of Honor that will be held in May for my 5th graders.

Related image


Math: Last week we worked really hard on getting supports in place in our IANs. I will show you your child’s journals when we meet for conferences the week of October 16th.

Math Preview: We will continue to work on repeated addition=skip counting=multiplication. Please be working with your child on math facts. We will continue to do the Fast Fact Fluency Friday (F4).

My example of what they have in their IAN journal. We did skip counting charts for 1/7’s, 2/4/8’s, 5/10 and 3/6/9’s. We then completed a multiplication chart for each of those sets of numbers and glued them into the IAN.

Multiplication is not as hard when we break it down in to friendly numbers.

Students working to fill in their skip counting chart.

We have been using our number line to help us see place value, rounding and now skip counting. The number line is also an effective strategy for addition and subtraction.

Writing: We finished our unit on narrative writing prompts and expectations. We did our end of the unit assessment to measure progress.

Writing Preview: This week we will begin our opinion unit. We will be discussing the differences between opinion and persuasive. We will continue to work on correct writing conventions (capitalization, punctuation and spelling).

Reading: We finished up some end of the quarter outstanding work and assessments.

Reading Preview: We will be in the reading lab working on Read 180/ System 44.

Social Studies: The Explorers Unit was completed and work was turned in for the end of the quarter.

Science Preview: We will be exploring Force & Motion.

**Side Notes**

Please remember that my symbaloo page has tons of resources for all settings. The link is on the right hand side of my blog.

Media Center will be this week. Lessons will be on how to correctly look up, write on and document information without plagiarizing.

Early release will be this week (Thursday).

Guidance will be this week.

Conferences will be next week (October 16-20) with early release all week.


Going into week 9 feelin’ fine :)

Happy October everyone!Image result for october

Before we went to break we celebrated Entrepreneur Day with our 4th graders. They raised over $2,600 for camp Twitch & Shout, WAY TO GO 4th grade!! 🙂

Since the afternoon schedule was adjusted for Entrepreneur Day & 5th Grade Behavior Incentive, we scheduled an in house field trip for 4th grade. came to our class and taught the basics for chess. The kids enjoyed getting to watch videos and play a few matches. Chess is excellent for critical thinking skills and helps in many academic areas. Plus, chess is fun to play! 🙂

Going in to week 9 we will work on:

finishing up our data collection for goals & objectives

baseline assessments for the Read 180/ System 44 lab

start preparing for conference week (October 16-20)

Math: we finished up our rounding unit before the break and we will be moving on to repeated addition/skip counting/multiplication

Writing: we continued working on our skills and expectations for a narrative paper and students will write their post narrative unit paper this week. A 45 minute prompt will be given on Friday and used to measure growth.

Reading: students finished up their DRA assessments to prepare for this week. Students will take a Read 180/ System 44 grouping assessment and we will be in the lab Tuesday-Friday.

Social Studies: we wrapped up our studies on Native Americans and we will be moving on to Explorers.

The end of the quarter is Friday, October 6th. All missing assignments will be collected and put into the grade book by this weekend. Please remember that grades are comprised of goals & objectives as well as grade level standards. Due to the nature of our class setting, grades on a whole are usually lower. 

As the sun sets over the lake at Gran and Grandfather’s, I reflect on a great week off. Batteries are charged up and ready to go!

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns: [email protected]