Whistle blow-that’s the end of the quarter folks!

The first week of October is behind us already. We had a beautiful full harvest moon and we are currently getting rain from yet another hurricane. This year has been odd for sure. We also had a fun treat watching the Kindergartener’s with their Zoophonics parade through the halls on Friday morning. This is such an adorable contrast to the bittersweet Walk of Honor that will be held in May for my 5th graders.

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Math: Last week we worked really hard on getting supports in place in our IANs. I will show you your child’s journals when we meet for conferences the week of October 16th.

Math Preview: We will continue to work on repeated addition=skip counting=multiplication. Please be working with your child on math facts. We will continue to do the Fast Fact Fluency Friday (F4).

My example of what they have in their IAN journal. We did skip counting charts for 1/7’s, 2/4/8’s, 5/10 and 3/6/9’s. We then completed a multiplication chart for each of those sets of numbers and glued them into the IAN.

Multiplication is not as hard when we break it down in to friendly numbers.

Students working to fill in their skip counting chart.

We have been using our number line to help us see place value, rounding and now skip counting. The number line is also an effective strategy for addition and subtraction.

Writing: We finished our unit on narrative writing prompts and expectations. We did our end of the unit assessment to measure progress.

Writing Preview: This week we will begin our opinion unit. We will be discussing the differences between opinion and persuasive. We will continue to work on correct writing conventions (capitalization, punctuation and spelling).

Reading: We finished up some end of the quarter outstanding work and assessments.

Reading Preview: We will be in the reading lab working on Read 180/ System 44.

Social Studies: The Explorers Unit was completed and work was turned in for the end of the quarter.

Science Preview: We will be exploring Force & Motion.

**Side Notes**

Please remember that my symbaloo page has tons of resources for all settings. The link is on the right hand side of my blog.

Media Center will be this week. Lessons will be on how to correctly look up, write on and document information without plagiarizing.

Early release will be this week (Thursday).

Guidance will be this week.

Conferences will be next week (October 16-20) with early release all week.


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