One dozen weeks down means Red Ribbon Week


Monday-Wear Red

Tuesday-Wear Your favorite Sports Team (and 4th & 5th also has an author visit)

Wednesday-bring in a canned good

Thursday-Mixed up day (and 4th grade Cobb County Water In house field trip)

Friday-Hat Day (and school wide RRW assembly and 5th grade field trip)

Our classroom door decoration for Red Ribbon Week

Say NO to Drugs and Say NO to Bullying

Thank you all so much for a wonderful conference week. Please let me know if you have any questions about anything.

We also had a SUPER time wearing capes on Friday to benefit CHOA.

We also had new technology installed this week. The whiteboard and smart board were replaced with 2 white boards and a Recordex Simply Touch.  We have been enjoying the practice getting to know our new device.

The demolition day 🙁

Our new Simply Touch is amazing! Students decided to use it for a study tool before their Social Studies test.

In math class we played multiplication games for Thursday game day.

More math practice games on Thursday.

Word work is more fun on the new screen too!

While some students played on technology another group played spelling games with the tiles and word cards.

Then we made sentences using a random word from the deck.

Finally, we made different types of sentences; declarative, interrogative and exclamatory.

MATH: We continued working on repeated addition=skip counting=multiplication. We modeled with different modalities including concrete, representational and abstract. We had our Fast Fact Fluency assessment and most students improved. Please keep practicing at home.

MATH PREVIEW: We will continue with single digit multiplication and move into multi-digit multiplication this week or next. Any strategy we use in class has a video on the symbaloo to help with any confusion. We will learn the lattice method, the box method and the standard algorithm. They have to see all three but may use their method of choice during assessments.

WRITING: Students worked on their writing journals with glue ins, brain storming and practicing writing longer pieces.

WRITING PREVIEW: We will continue the opinion unit with the choice prompt. Students may also choose to write about a Red Ribbon Week topic.

SCIENCE PREVIEW: We will be working on simple machines (Inclined plane, pulley, level, wheel & axle, screw, wedge). There will be a test on November 3rd on Simple machines, Force and Motion. A study guide will go home this week.

READING: DRAs were updated for the conferences and will be completed this week.

READING PREVIEW: We will be in the Reading Lab & working on the RACE Strategy. (R-rewrite the question into a statement, A-Answer the question, C-Cite your evidence in the text, E-Explain your answer)

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