Week 15 information from Homer’s Heroes

Fall Jamboree

Friday, November 10th from 5-8pm.

We are still in need of volunteers for this event, and if you are interested in helping, please click on the sign up genius link below:


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MATH: We have been working on a huge project for class. This will count as a test grade because it will be glued into their IAN and used for the remainder of the year. I am counting the entire packet as a test grade/project because we will use this for: multiplication facts, multiplication is the same as repeated addition is the same as skip counting; multiplicative comparison; ordered pairs; division; review of concrete, representational, and abstract. Completed packets will be glued into their IAN (interactive notebook) and used as a reference from here on out.

Graph Paper project:

I had the students complete 9 sheets of graph paper. Each sheet was for each factor. For example I had them do a 2’s sheet. 2×1, 2×2, 2×3, 2×4…etc.

They were to color on the graph paper with the first factor going vertical, always. This way, when we get to coordinate pairs, they are used to the first factor (or number) being on the left side of the multiplication chart and the second being at the top/bottom.

They are to write the expression and the equation for each as well.

That is 36 points per page and a total of 324 pts for the packet, like I said-this is a HUGE project. Some students will be bringing theirs home to get caught up.

ELA: Opinion writing work continues this month. We are working on review of the three different types of sentences (declarative, exclamatory, informational), using transitional words, watching out for run on sentences, identifying conjunctions and incorporating adjectives to make our writing more interesting.

READING: We did another round of DRA testing and our reading groups have been updated for our work in the Reading Lab. We are also continuing our read aloud book: Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing by Judy Blume. Also, when answering comprehension questions, we are using the RACE strategy for constructed-aka longer responses. RACE stands for: Restate the question, Answer the question, Cite your evidence, and Explain your answer. Students are still expected to cite their evidence, underline or highlight even for short answer comprehension questions.

SCI/SS: We finished up our unit on Simple Machines, Forces and Motion. We are now moving on to the 13 Colonies for Social Studies.

Aside from guidance, field trips, assemblies, book fair and behavior reward parties-we get lots of work done in class. Please ask your child what we are working on. If you need ideas of what to talk about, please use the blog to springboard conversations. My symbaloo page is a great resource for quite a bit of what we study in class. The students ask me to add links all the time and we use it during instruction. The students should hopefully be able to explain what we are working on together in class each day.


Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. My door is always open.



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