Happy New Year!

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Classes resume on Thursday, January 4th. I hope you are having an amazing break. Here are some pictures from the big snow and the Homerhouse.

4th Grade before the early release on December 8th

Homerhouse hanging out while it snows

I haven’t seen snow like this in a long time!

Snack time over the break.

Get some rest, eat some yummy treats and recharge for 2018!

December Happenings

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Time for Q2 to come to a close. We will not be having a class party for small group so that the students can participate with their homeroom celebrations. I will have an open house format for students to drop in or get pulled to see me if needed during Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday before the break.

** Remember that Tuesday the 19th and Wednesday the 20th are early release**


As we finish out this quarter, we are working on multiplication of multiple digit factors by multiple digit factors as well as simple division and multiplicative comparison. We use the triangle method for this skill and we practiced, practiced, practiced. Groups we by choice and students were allowed to work alone or with a teacher if they wanted.

We will be working on long division as soon as we return from the holiday break. We will then get into fractions.





…student teach…

…and practice!

Even more practice can be found on IKNOWIT.com, prodigy and my symbaloo site.

Math vocabulary is fun 🙂

more choice group work, using pencil/paper, white boards and technology.


Students finished up their Opinion Writing units. We worked on a variety of different skills to help us with this unit. One fun activity was the picture prompt descriptions. A student selected a photo prompt, described the picture with as much detail as they could and their peers drew what they heard described. This was to illustrate how important it is to use all of our senses and descriptive words, not matter what genre we are writing about.

After the break we will begin our Informational Writing Unit. As usual, there will be a pre-unit writing prompt, lessons to support writing a paper for grade level expectations and a post-unit writing prompt to measure growth.

Firefighter photo

and example of what one student heard described to him

peers drawing a photo prompt about a family bike ride

looks great!


No pictures from reading since it was a busy couple of weeks. We will continue to utilize the Read 180 Lab, do DRA assessments and other reading inventories to measure growth on the student’s individual levels and grade level expectations.


Playing with the different components of LIGHT can be amazing. Students made their own cameras with 3 different lenses to model transparent, translucent and opaque. We used Slinkies, big and small, to demonstrate transverse light waves. We had fun with prisms, mirrors and convex/concave glass lenses from the STEM lab. Games for review we done on the smartboard, videos from Brainpop and hands on discovery helped us explore Light.

After the break we will learn all about SOUND. There will be a test over both concepts, date TBD. A study guide will be sent home and posted on Mrs. Poulos’ blog, as usual.

Making our cameras

This one is Transparent: can see everything through this lens 💡(“parents” can see everything…😁)

Making Opaque lenses

Exploring through play and discovery time

Science is so much fun!

**Extension question** Anyone remember what this is an example of?