January is melting away like snow!

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The month of January was chaotic to say the least! We had so many breaks and snow days. Lesson plans were altered and taught as planned but we are still playing catch up. Please know that I have many resources at home for the students to use in preparation for the last part of Q3 and for Q4. My symbaloo site has all of the test prep software log in pages linked to it. Students may practice on Prodigy, I know it, USA Test Prep (used through middle and high school age so get familiar with it sooner than later :)), Smart Boarding School, etc. They are all grouped together in the lime green tiles. Passwords are on the symbaloo link from the blog.

Math: We will finish with long division this week and there will be a test on Friday the 2nd. We have been working on constructed responses for word problems. The milestones requires students to show what they know and write an extended answer to explain their thinking. Next week we begin fractions, and that should carry us into March. I have support videos on the symbaloo for everything we learned in class if your child is having trouble.

Writing: We have been exploring the Informational genre of writing. Students took their pre-unit assessment and we have been working on writing a magazine/ newspaper article. This week we will be doing a “how to” for my niece Bon. She will be coming over from Vietnam to live and she has not experienced such things as snow, going to the pool, playing outside in a driveway (she lives in downtown Han-oi), going to the grocery store (they have markets) and going to Disney. We will put our writings in a binder to give her as a welcome to America gift. After that, we will be doing a research project on animals. Students may pick their favorite or one that they would like to know more about.

Exploring print writing to search for all of the text features included.

Social Studies: We finished up light and sound in Science and moved on to The Revolutionary War. We will be alternating with Science where we will start exploring space.


Review games on the smart board.

Cheering for their review game teams.

Sound travels from our friends at the bus circle…

…to our classmates at the top of the hill…

…to our friends at the lower part of the playground…

…and the upper part of the playground.


Using common items to make a thunder storm, faucet rain, whistling wind and trash can thunder.

Cup phones were a great activity!

Reading: We continue our studies in the Read 180/System 44 Reading Lab. Students are doing well with the program and I am happy with the progress they are making. Please make sure they keep reading at home. Ask the WH questions (who, what, where, when, why) to get them thinking about characters, setting, main idea, conflict, etc.

Free time after work is completed.

Free time includes smart board review games,

more review games done with partners,

putting a puzzle together,

building Rube Goldbergs,

playing chess,

or making Bloxel characters and game boards.

We are very proud of our classmate, Abdallah, who won the school Spelling Bee, way to go!

Welcome to 2018!

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Welcome back! With this cold weather it is a great time to be inside learning. Report cards are going to be coming home on Friday, January 5th. I would like to remind you that report card grades are a mixture of their level and grade level assessments. Also, progress reports have comments for each objective. Please let me know if you have any questions, my door is always open.  tracey.homer@cobbk12.org

Math: We will be working on long division and fractions

ELA: Informational unit will start

Reading: We will continue with Read 180 Lab

Science: Sound

I hope you are rested and ready for the second half of the year!