Time for a break!

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Retesting is over, field day is done.

Time for the Duckies to hang out in the sun.

4th graders-now 5th, the oldest in school.

Put the controller down and head for the pool.

Some kiddos have moved on to sixth grade,

try curling up with a book in the shade.

Summer is short we’ll be back to school soon,

so challenges start on the 1st day of June.

Ms. Stanley has given a Book BINGO link,

read lots this summer and share what you think.

Mrs. Homer wants you to work on your facts

log on to quantiles for practice in math.

Enjoy your time off, play outside and rest,

I hope this summer is simply the best!

❤ Mrs. Homer

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Mrs. Stanley’s BINGO board

Cobb Library Summer Reading

Summer Math Challenge Quantile

Summer Math Challenge Greg Tang