❄❄❄ It’s Februuuuurrary ❄❄❄

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4th We are moving right along with fractions for our 4th graders. We are working on building a strong foundation and building up from there. Equivalent fractions, comparing fractions and improper fractions. We will hopefully get to addition and subtraction of fractions here soon.

5th grade is continuing to practice with fractions (all skills), line plots, word problems and volume.


4th and 5th reading groups are under way. We will do another rotation or two and then get back to doing DRAs and word lists to measure progress. We are using the RACE strategy to continue with showing what we know and what we read. It is always standard procedure to go back and cite where the evidence came from and we are working on those constructed responses for when the big test rolls around. Students are expected to cite evidence from a passage and elaborate on their thinking, using their own words. Please keep reading at home and asking those important WH questions.


4th grade has been hyper-focused on their State Research project that we do with Ms. Stanley. The projects are due February 15h. All work is to be done at school. Extension research is fine to do at home but this is a school project, it’s not meant to be a homework assignment.

5th grade helped design our Mae Jemison door entry for the February Black History month. 5th graders helped find fun facts about “May J’s” early life and her adventures as the First African American Woman in Space. What an amazing example of dedication and determination. Fun fact, she was in college at age 16! Please ask your child for more fun facts about “May J”.

Science– We finished up the water cycle, symmetry, weather and solids/liquids/gas.

Social Studies- We are Expanding Westward and we will start exploring the Civil War.


We have completed most of the IEP reviews. My door is still open, even if we don’t have any meetings scheduled. Please let me know at any time if you have questions, comments or concerns. I am here to help: tracey.homer@cobbk12.org

Have an amazing February!