December Happenings

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Only a few short weeks until the end of the year. Whew, hold on-this month will go by quickly.


4th graders are working hard on their multiplication facts and word problems. PLEASE, work with your child on their fast fact fluency. This makes a HUGE difference in their ability to successfully compute the math problems. I do give partial credit but it’s more about their confidence and frustration levels.

5th grade is reviewing fractions of all shapes and sizes. We are comparing fractions, reducing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Word problems with fractions are also in the mix. Fact fluency helps with 5th grade as well. Being able to convert improper to proper fractions requires this skill. PLEASE work with your child to get those facts down.

Every Friday we have a Fast Fact Fluency Friday Quiz. They students have 5 minutes to answer as many 0-12 multiplication problems as possible. This is not for a grade, just for practice. If half the class gets their high score then we have a donut party on Monday morning. For students that get their high score, they can choose from a hole punch, positive note home or a piece of candy. We change it up each week. πŸ™‚


We are finishing up our DRAs, working on Main Idea, Inferencing and predictions. Highlighting and underlining to find evidence is the main focus. Please ask your student about the books they are reading. Books make a great holiday gift for your child. πŸ™‚

Our new read aloud is because of mr. terrupt by Rob Buyea

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Mrs. Poe loves to read the book to our students.


4th grade is finishing up their unit on Opinion

5th is finishing up their unit on Informational


We have completed out unit on Producers, Consumers and Decomposers. We had a Watershed Presentation by Cobb County Water and learned more about habitats and Eco-systems during our in-school field trip. So cool!

yes, that is a real corn snake. EEEEK! πŸ™‚



November Updates

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I am so thankful to have such amazing students and supportive parents. This year is going byΒ  so fast, I cannot believe that it is almost December!

Click here to see what did Homer did on her break πŸ™‚


4th grade has been practicing our fast fact fluency to be better prepared for the multiplication of 2×1 and 2×2 numbers. We are using standard algorithm and partial product to multiply. Students are allowed to use multiplication charts to help with fluency but practice at home would be best.

5th grade has been working on grade level work and review of 4th grade materials. They have also been practicing their fast fact fluency and multi digit multiplication problems. Students may use standard algorithm or partial product. We have been comparing fractions, converting fractions from proper to improper and also adding/ subtracting fractions. Decimal to fraction conversion and practice with addition/ subtraction of multi digit numbers containing decimals as well.


Many DRAs (Developmental Reading Assessments) have been given and passed in the recent weeks. We will continue to work on DRAs and goals & objectives during reading. Please read with your student and/or ask them questions about what they are reading.

Guiding questions may look like:

  • What is the main character doing?
  • What is the setting?
  • Why was the character happy/sad/ angry?
  • What was the main character trying to do?
  • What was the main idea of the story?
  • What happened first, then, next, last?
  • What did you like about this?
  • What did you learn while reading this?


4th grade is working on opinion writing and 5th grade is working on informational pieces. The standard writing process of introduction, body with supporting details, solid conclusion tied to the introduction, capitalization, punctuation and paragraph formation are all being reviewed and practiced. Most students are choosing to type which is excellent practice for the end of year testing.


We have had lots of afternoon activities and that will continue in the coming weeks. In addition, we studied Producers, Consumers, food chains and food webs. We did a stop motion movie activity and a Quiver 3D drawing activity.

Open to see My_Stop_Motion_Movie

Planning out food webs and chains.

Coloring for the Quiver project.

Looks good!

Student drawings come to life with details and fun facts! How cool! πŸ™‚

As Q2 is quickly coming to an end, please work with your students, ask about their day, what they learned, what they are having trouble with. They might not understand certain concepts yet, but working together, we can make progress. I love that when they are given a voice in their education, students make great strides.

Week 13: October 29-Nov 2

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4th-We are working on multiplication of single and multi digits. We are also reviewing multiplicative comparison, word problems involving multiplication problems and fast facts (keep practicing!)

5th- We are reviewing the 4th grade multiplication math, working on simplifying fractions and addition/subtraction of fractions.


4th and 5th has been going over the DRAs with Mrs. Homer and the San Diego Assessment in class. We have not voted on a new read aloud book yet. This will be done after the DRA round is completed. We are also reviewing sequencing, main ideas and literal questions. Please ask questions when your child is reading at home. This will help them connect with the text.


4th grade is working on Opinion writing this quarter and 5th is into Informational. We have done mini prompts to build up stamina. We are focusing on capitalization, punctuation and sentence structure. Writing conventions, such as indention, are also being emphasized.

Social Studies & Science-

This week, between field trips, the class finished up the Revolutionary unit. The test was on Friday. As always, if your child misplaces their study guide, Mrs. Poulos’ blog has one completed and posted.

Our student teacher, Ms. Melissa, taught a couple lessons on the phases of the moon to finish up our space unit. Next week we begin ecosystems! Woohoo! Science. πŸ™‚

Week 11: October 15-19

Conference week! Woohoo!

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With a shortened schedule, we have been working on goals & objectives for each student to get ready for parent visits. Thank you so much for coming to speak with us about your child. If you miss a conference, or need to reschedule, please let me know. My door is always open.

We also did a Thank You letter to our military for the Bert Show. A handwritten letter by each person that participated will be delivered to an active service member during the holidays.

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We ended the week with Cape Day for CHOA. Thank you for everyone that participated.

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Week 9: October 1-4

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Welcome Back!

I hope you had a restful fall break and you are ready to get back into the swing of things.Β  As we transition into Quarter 2, work becomes much more difficult. A good night’s rest, a healthy snack and great attendance will help you succeed.

This week in review:

Math- 4th grade will continued to work on addition/ subtraction problems. We will be practicing our regrouping skills in standard computations, word problems and using perimeter for the rest of the quarter. We started a fun Bloxels unit that stretches across math and writing.

5th graders are working hard on converting whole numbers with decimals to fractions. We have been adding & subtracting decimals with and without regrouping.

Reading- Our new read aloud, Prisoner B-3087 is going well. We are addressing 5th grade standards by reading this non-fiction book as a whole group. Goals & objectives as well as the reading lab are also being done.

Writing-Our Bloxels unit is under way. We are having so much fun with Larry & Gary and their cast of characters. We looked into character development and transferred that into an art form. Students sketched out on a 13×13 grid what their character looked like. Next week we will be reviewing setting and event, also using Bloxels as a review. Students will be writing a 45 minute prompt on a narrative story during as well.

Lots of creativity going on!

I see Sonic!

and Herobrine

Recognize this Bow-Tie-Tuesday guy?

Social Studies- It’s Revolutionary! War, that is. We began our Revolutionary War unit and will continue working in the past for the next couple of weeks.

Queen Edwards came to our class and taxed our colonists. Her parliament was more than happy to accept the payments from the tax collectors.

The quotes were great! πŸ˜ƒπŸ€£πŸ˜‚

“How am I going to pay my bills?!”

“Please don’t chop my head off!”

“Jingle, Jingle, Jingle, listen to all that money going into my bank account. This brings me such joy!”

“WE have no joy!”

“This tax charge is evil!”

Week 8: September 17-21

This week in review:

Math-Addition/subtraction with regrouping and Goals & Objectives

Reading-DRAs, Goals & Objectives while Mrs. Homer ran the Star Lab for 4th grade

Writing– Quick prompt choices to practice stamina and Goals & Objectives while Mrs. Homer ran the Star Lab for 4th grade.

Ready to go! The Star Lab was one of my favorite field trips as a Cobb County student!

Canister 1-Night Sky

Canister 2-Rudimentary drawing of the constellations

Canister 3- Details illustrations of the constellations

Canister 4 -Moon Phases

Canister 5- Planets & Solar System

Sad day for Mrs. Homer. We can’t wait to see the Star Lab again next fall!!

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I hope everyone has a great fall break, see you in a week. ❀

Week 7: September 10-14

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I have to start this post with a shout out to ALL of Homer’s Heroes math students. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE of them, in 4th AND 5th grade, increased their Fast Fact Fluency Friday (F4) Score last week. WOOHOO! That is a first in our class and we celebrated with a donuts party. I told the students that when they all get 90% we will have a pizza party. 5th grade is getting pretty close so keep studying those facts!

This week in review:

Testing was a big chunk of this week for the 5th graders and will be for next week as well.

Math- 4th grade is working on addition/ subtraction with regrouping and word problems. 5th grade has been practicing with addition/ subtraction problems that have decimals and require regrouping. They have also continued working on fractions to decimals up to the thousandths.

Reading– Reading Lab rotations were on hold this week for our Out of my Mind quiz and testing. DRAs were given as well as small group work on goals & objectives.

Writing– What a fun week! We started off by looking at introductions only. Just 4-6 sentences to introduce our paper and each section we plan to talk about. Students moved on to working on the body of their paper. We had some students decide to pick up on my writing example, Larry & Gary’s Big Adventure, where they talked about our class pets, Larry & Gary, and what they do when we leave the school each day. I LOVED seeing the excitement and engagement. Kids were asking to keep writing instead of taking a brain break and/orΒ  going to lunch. WOW! My heart is happy.

“Can we keep working instead of taking a break?”

Hard work pays off, way to go kiddos! ❀

Science– We continued our space adventures. We explored the relative size of the planets in relation to each other and to the sun. We shed some light on the fact that the earth rotates around each day and revolves around the sun all year. We started discussing the stars and how they can form patterns (constellations). We have a HUGE surprise planned for them this week!!

Sunset Video Link

Week 6: September 4-7

Happy Labor Day!

I hope you and your family had a nice, relaxing weekend. We took a little trip up to Stone Mountain for a picnic and the laser show.

I had to miss class on Tuesday for an in-service but the class did fantastic while I was gone. The rest of the week flew by.

This week in review:

Math– 4th graders continue to work on place value, rounding and addition with regrouping. 5th grade also went back to Place Value Town and worked with decimals. We had fun matching up decimals, fractions and representational pictures of tenths and hundredths.

Reading– We finished up our Read Aloud book, Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper. The students came up with review questions for an assessment to be given next week.

Writing- Sensory writing, the writing process and the components needed for a narrative we the hot topic for the week. The students worked on Quick Prompts (QPs) to continue our work on writing stamina.

Science– Science is out of this world, literally. Haha. We started our space unit this week. Students worked through a vocabulary self assessment and preliminary planet information.



Week 5: August 27-31

I love this picture. It reminds me of the following quote:

Related image

This week in review:

Math– Lots of work going on! We had discussions about digits, their values and places in the number. We went on the rounding roller coaster again and reviewed our addition and subtraction skills. Making sure we use the same steps keeps us consistent with finding the right answers.

Working together and working independent, student choice.

Student teachers love to come to the board to show what they know for their classmates.

Different strategies help us learn and grow!

Reading-More work in the Reading Lab. We are learning about Coming to America and what it is like for children that have moved here from different countries. We are talking & making connections about my niece, Bon, and her move here this summer from Vietnam.

Writing-Lots of Quick Prompts (QP’s) this week to work on stamina. We are also trying to type more so that we will be able to work efficiently on the Milestones at the end of the year.

Social Studies-We had our test on map skills, early release and started our new science unit. Woohoo! SCIENCE! πŸ˜‰

Happy Molting day to Larry, our class lobster! We knew that he was getting ready to molt. He stopped eating, started digging and hid in his house. You can see his molt in front of his house.

Week 4: August 20-24

Mrs. Poulos and I are ready for a great week, Are you!?!

This week in review:

Math-Rounding can be fun when you ride on the rounding roller coaster! Students had fun with “zero-four, hit the floor” and “five through nine, climb the vine”. We made up a quick rounding game and made it increasingly difficult by adding more digits.

When the 5th graders came in we played the game that the 4th graders made.

5th grade wanted it to be even harder to we added decimals! Way to go!

Reading– We are continuing to get used to the Reading Lab rotations. We are digging deeper into our read aloud book, Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper.

Writing-We decided to do a fun reading/ writing activity this week. “Better readers make better writers be cause the more you read the better you write and the more you write, the better you read.” We are using our senses to imagine what the setting, the characters and the plot are doing.

One of my most favorite books, The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base

Students were excited to work through the clues to find out who the thief was.

As a class we deciphered the clues and context clues to see “who done it”.

Social Studies-We finished up our map skills unit, had a library lesson scavenger hunt and reviewed for our test.