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Hi everyone!  I hope you are enjoying your summer so far. I just finished moving my room today to the new class down the hall so I am officially on summer vacation. Woohoo!! 🙂

I have already read 2 books from our shelf. I will be posting reviews all summer. Please let me know if there is a book that you would like to share with the class or if there was one from the list that you wanted to give feedback on. With parent permission, you may email me at:

[email protected].

I do check email over the summer.

I am also posting the information that Ms. Stanley was talking about at the Media Center assembly.

Summer Reading Choices

Remember, I will be doing the challenge as well!  You should have received information about the reading challenge in the end of the year information from your homeroom teacher. Cobb County Library cards are free and you can check out a bunch of books at a time.

Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge:

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Visit www.scholastic.com/summer to log minutes, unlock stories from favorite authors, earn digital rewards, and learn about new books to read.

CCSD Library Media Education: www.cobbsummerreading.com or access to reading resources, free e-books, book suggestions, and links to learning resources, such as the Cobb Digital Library.

Cobb County and Smyrna Public Libraries: Visit your local public library to check out books and attend fun, free events all summer long. Don’t miss the Summer Reading Kickoff at Switzer Library on June 3rd! Visit http://www.cobbcat.org/srp for more info.

Your log in/ password should be lunch# & lunch#

Book Club Reading List:

Read this summer by Mrs. Homer–per student or fellow teacher recommendation.

H20 by Virginia Bergin: Was recommended by a student and I did purchase the sequel. I read it 1st thing this summer but the content seems a bit advanced. The recommended age on the back is 14 and up so I will not post a review. It was very similar to Hunger Games, Divergent, Maze Runner and Fahrenheit 451. You have plenty of time to read these books in middle or high school. Move on to something on your independent reading level. 🙂

Song of the Deep by Brian Hastings: Twelve-year-old Merryn lives with her fisherman father in a little cottage by the sea. Each day, her father braves the tumultuous waves and returns home in time for dinner. One stormy evening, he doesn’t come back. Merryn has a vision that he’s been dragged underwater by a terrifying sea creature, and he needs her help. Determined to rescue him, Merryn builds a tiny submarine and embarks on a journey through the undersea worlds she’s only heard about in her father’s lullabies. As she faces the dangers and wonders of the world below the waves, she realizes that her father’s stories were all real. This book reminded me of Homer’s Odyssey-I enjoyed the ride on this fun little novel. 4/5 stars ** Fun Fact ** It seems to be a game as well. 🙂

Song of the deep

The Book of One Hundred Truths by Julie Schumacher: It’s hard for Thea to write four truths a day in the notebook her mother gave her for the summer. Especially when her grandparents’ house on the Jersey Shore is even more packed with family than usual, and her cousin Jocelyn wont leave her alone. Jocelyn just might be the world’s neatest and nosiest seven-year-old, and she wants to know what’s in Thea’s notebook. But Thea won’t tell anyone about the secret she has promised to keep–or how she lost her best friend, whose name was Gwen. I give this book a 4/5 stars as well. I really wanted to keep reading and find out what all 100 truths might be. This book was a bit of a mystery…on two levels.

100 truths (1)

The Romeo & Juliet Code by Phoebe Stone: This was a fun book to read. It was interestingly similar in some ways to The Book of One Hundred Truths. I would enjoy doing a compare and contrast activity between the two books. It is a little bit of a cliff hanger book, each chapter makes you was to keep reading to find out what will happen next. I give this book a 3.5/5 which may be a bit harsh. I think because I felt like I was reading just to get to the end. I didn’t feel like I really enjoyed this book.

Romeo and Juliet Code

Prisoner B-3087 by Alan Gratz: I have had several students recommend this book to me. I finally had a chance to read it and I am very happy that I did. This is a wonderful book, though emotionally tough to read. Many of my students know that I had friend named Dolly Wasserman who was a survivor of the WWII concentration camps. Unfortunately, she passed away in October 2016, but I will always remember her stories from the war. I thought of her quite a bit while I was reading this book. I also had vivid memories of her very own tattoo, just like Yanek’s. Solid 5/5 from Mrs. Homer. Thank you to the students that advised me to read this-you were right, it was an excellent book. 

The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen: I was also asked to read this book by many of my 5th graders. Since the WWII & The Holocaust are part of our standards I wanted to read it. Also, Pinkie has always been enthralled with The Holocaust, ever since she was exposed to in her 5th grade year. I bought lots of books on the subject and I know that she has heard stories from my friend Dolly. Again, this topic was near and dear to my heart. Though the setting of this book is more fiction based, the author used real life accounts to help write and move the story along. 4/5 from Mrs. Homer. Reading this book back to back with Prisoner B-3087 naturally had me comparing the two books. I prefer the writing style of a memoir (Prisoner B-3087) to that of a fantasy type fiction.

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon:  This book was on the desk of a student towards the end of the year. I saw a movie preview for it when the summer started and Pinkie and I agreed it looked interesting. Per Homerhouse rule, you must read the book before we go to the movies (or rent). I did read this book, I loved it but it contains some content that I do not feel is appropriate for elementary school. As with H2O, Please save this book for later.


Fish in a Tree by Lynda Mullaly Hunt 5/5 start (Class 2015/2016)

Fish in a Tree (1)


One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt 4/5 stars (Book Club 2016)

One for the Murphys (1)

Wonder by R.J. Palacio 4.5/5 stars (Book Club 2016)


Out of my Mind by Sharon Draper 5/5 stars (Class 2015/2016)

Out of my mind

All the Answers by Kate Messner 4.5/5 (Book Club 2016)

All the answers (1)

Counting by 7’s by Hollly Goldberg Sloan 4.5/5 (Book Club 2016)

Counting by 7s

A Dog’s Purpose by Bruce Cameron recommended by studets (4.5/5-Mrs. Homer cried big ugly cry for this book)

Dogs Purpose

Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene Catling (Class 2016/2017)

Chocolate touch

The One and Only Ivan by K.A. Applegate


Narwhal: Unicorn of the Sea by Ben Clanton


Tangerine by Edward Bloor

Series Books Read & Recommended by Mrs. Homer and/or the Homerhouse urchins.

All Magic Tree House books

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark I, II, III by Alvin Schwartz

All Choose your Own Adventure books (Mr. Rob’s pick)

All the I Survived books

Any Dork Diary books by Rachel Renee Russell

Any American Chillers (Pinkie Pick)

Any/All Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

Any Babysitters Club books by Ann M. Martin

Any Judy Blume books

Any Beverly Cleary books


Fun Summer Reading Activity


** Note **This book club is just for fun, it is not for a grade as it is a summertime extension activity. The views and recommendations are posted from input by Mrs. Homer and students (both former and current Duckies) and do not reflect the opinions of Cobb County Schools or Pitner Elementary.