National Park Rangers Visit Ford Elementary

Two rangers from the National Park Service, Jake Boling and Anthony Winegar, visited Ford today to share information about the different regions in Georgia, national parks in Georgia, and their careers. To learn more about the national parks in Georgia, visit

For information about Kids in Parks, visit

(Jake Boling and Anthony Winegar)

Glass Harp Demonstration

This morning Brien Engel demonstrated the workings of sounds all around us with his delightful and unusual glass harp instruments. First and fourth grade students learned about the science of sound. To learn more about this fascinating program, visit

S1P1.Obtain, evaluate & communicate information to investigate light & sound.
d.Construct an explanation to observe & provide evidence that vibrating materials can make sound & that sound can make materials vibrate.

S4P2. Obtain, evaluate & communicate information about how sound is produced & changed & how sound &/or light can be used to communicate.



Last week I used Nearpod to create a lesson about sorting rocks for our kindergarten students. I took pictures of several groups of rocks, and I used Nearpod to send the pictures to each student’s iPad. Then students drew a circle around each group of rocks, and they submitted the drawings to me. Nearpod is a great resource to use to make sure every student is an active participant in the lesson.






PASS partnership with the public library! (Public library Access for Student Success)

The PASS program gives students access to the resources available from the Cobb County Public Library System. Every student has a Library PASS account. Students can access the online databases, read, download or stream books. To learn more about the PASS program visit

Cobb Digital Library/MackinVIA has a link to the PASS portal. Open Cobb Digital Library, and on the left select Databases. Scroll until you see Cobb County Public Library System, and click Open Now.

Winter Break

Students have been busy checking out books for the winter break. If you have any travel plans, please remind your children to make sure they don’t leave their books anywhere. Have a safe and happy break! Computer Science Fundamentals Workshop

December 5th I attended a Computer Science Fundamentals Workshop. At the training, I learned how to use to teach students the basics of computer programing. Coding involves problem solving and reasoning. Student-friendly puzzles are used to reinforce principles of computer science. Instead of calling a puzzle hard, students are encouraged to see it as a challenge. To learn more about, visit

Mr. Bill Clements


Mr. Bill Clements
            “Benjamin Franklin”

Mr. Bill Clements, also known as Ben Franklin, visited the learning commons today.  Mr. Clements had a captivated audience of first-grade students, as he shared the history behind some of Benjamin Franklin’s inventions.  The Georgia Standards of Excellence for Social Studies has a standard that students will learn about the contributions made by Benjamin Franklin.  The picture shows Mr. Clements beside one of Benjamin Franklin’s inventions, the library ladder chair.


SS1H1 Read about and describe the life of historical figures in American history. a. Identify the contributions made by these figures: Benjamin Franklin (inventor/author/ statesman), Thomas Jefferson (Declaration of Independence), Meriwether Lewis and William Clark with Sacagawea (exploration), Theodore Roosevelt (National Parks and the environment), George Washington Carver (science), and Ruby Bridges (civil rights).