October 23

Monday, October 24th

Thank you for doing a great job with the sub Friday.  I’m glad we’re back to our regular schedule and being able to see all of you each day.

Periods 1-5: Today you received the first 5 words for Unit 4 vocabulary and need to share those words (in a creative way) with your parents.  The links for each class Padlet are now located on the yellow sticky note at the top right corner of my blog.  Start early! 😉


October 21-28 S.E.R.V.E Week 

An opportunity for students, parents, and staff to actively engaged in the service of others in our community.  Log your hours!

October 24th TAPP’S Fiesta Latina

October 19

Thank you for a great week of conferences!

Thank you to everyone who came in for or participated in a phone conference.  Some of the common  take-away thoughts were:

-Write in your agenda DAILY

-Check teacher blogs

-Complete your assignments by the due date

-Stay organized

Today I say periods 1, 5, and 3.

Periods 1 and 3: Today Ch. 12 and 13 were checked to see if they were complete, those of you who did not have homework finished need to complete it tonight.  We read an article to build schema, or background, about gangs and discussed how this helped us to look at the choices and pitfalls for Charlie in Miracle’s Boys.  Both classes had twenty minutes of reading time where they could prepare for Reading Counts testing which is due tomorrow.

Period 5: Today we spent time reading and checking in on progress towards tomorrow’s Reading Counts due date.  Keep reading!  We also worked on our oral reading fluency rate with whisper reading.

October 18

Reading Counts #1 Due Friday

Reading Counts #1 due FRIDAY!!!

Thank you to all who supported our school PINK out!  Conference Week, with early dismissal, continues through the end of the week.

Periods 2 and 4: Today we read and concentrated on extracting the setting from the author’s descriptions in Esperanza Rising.  You received a class participation (HW grade) for the illustrations you created.  Make sure you are reading and taking RC tests as you are ready AND by Friday.

Period 3: Today we took the Unit 4-6 Vocabulary pretest to use as a baseline for the vocabulary you will gain this nine weeks.  We also worked on and discussed questions for Ch. 12 and 13 of Miracle’s Boys.  If you did not finish in class, you must complete for homework.

October 17

Wednesday is $1.00 PINK OUT Day!

Image result for Pink out for cancer

Tomorrow, show your TAPP pride by supporting our school-wide PINK OUT!  Dress down and wear your pink to support the fight against breast cancer.  Students must bring their $1.oo donation to dress down.

Period 1: Today we completed Ch.12 and 13 questions for Miracle’s Boys.  Any questions you did not complete are homework.  Tomorrow during HR you will take your Unit 4-6 Vocabulary Pretest.

Period 5: Today we checked in about Reading Counts books and completed tests…HOORAY to those of you have completed the testing early!  We took the Unit 4-6 Vocabulary Pretest today and will compare this with your results throughout the 2nd 9 weeks.

Period 3:  Today we met as a 6th grade TAPP family in the theater to reconfirm the expectations and the meaning of TAPP P.R.I.D.E.  Thank you for representing yourselves and me, as your teacher, so well!

October 16

Conference Week is here!

Please keep track of your classes and assignments.  This week will keep you on your toes!


M/W/F                           T/Th

HR                                    HR

6                                       1

2                                       5

3                                       3

4                                       7

Period 3: We responded to Ch. 12-13 questions.  They must be completed tomorrow.

Periods 2 and 4: Today we spent time reading and checking in on progress towards Friday’s Reading Counts due date.  Keep reading!  We also worked on our oral reading fluency with whisper reading.


October 12

Upcoming Events and Opportunities

October 9-18 Scholastic Book Fair

The book fair hours are 8:30 – 5:30.  You may also order online at http://www.scholastic.com/bf/tapp from October 6 – October 18.  Books ordered online are sent to the school in the students name, so you do not have to pay shipping. Proceeds from the book fair help the media center add books and technology.

Image result for scholastic book fair

October 16-20 Conference Week

Students will be dismissed daily at 1:30.  Conference forms have been sent him with EVERY student.  If you have not seen one, please ask your student to locate the form with your assigned day and time.  I look forward to meeting with everyone next week and understand the value of your time.  Please assist me in keeping things running smoothly by arriving a few minutes before your scheduled time so that we can devote the full 20 minutes to discussing your child.

Image result for conference week

October 21-28 S.E.R.V.E Week 

An opportunity for students, parents, and staff to actively engaged in the service of others in our community.  More information will be coming to you as the week approaches.

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October 24th TAPP’S Fiesta Latina



October 12

Today was Early Release and Picture Day!

Periods 1 and 3: Today you added yourself to Commonlit.org, which we will utilize for informational resources throughout the school year.  We also visited the library for book returns and the Book Fair.

Period 4: Today you took an Esperanza Rising quiz in the Computer Lab which included a constructed response.  The score you saw today was for the multiple choice portion only.  I will go in and grade your written response and post your score in the Grade Book.

All classes will take the Unit 4-6 Vocabulary pre-test tomorrow.  

October 11

Important Information

I will see HR,/1st, 3rd, and 4th period tomorrow.  We will spend half our time in the library.  Please make sure you have your books with you.

Periods 1 and 3: Today we finished our lesson on symbolism within literature through the use of objects and color.  We finished reviewing Ch. 11 questions.  Tomorrow and Friday we will devote our time to Miracle’s Boys Ch. 12 and 13.

Periods 2, 4, and 5: Today we looked at providing evidence to accompany a character trait claim.  We started with your traits and then supported Esperanza’s traits with text evidence.


I hope everyone enjoyed their ice cream sundae reward from Reading Counts 1st 9 weeks!

October 10

Picture Day and Early Release Thursday, October 12

Thursday’s Early Release Schedule

6th grade


9:20-10:10 1 Academic



7 Connection



3 Academic /Lunch


4 Academic

Pictures for my HR will be at 9:41.  You may DRESS FOR SUCCESS OR WEAR YOUR UNIFORMS.  All students will take pictures, regardless of whether you are purchasing or not.

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