April 19

Reading Counts Test #2 Due Tomorrow!

We are back to our REGULAR schedule tomorrow!!! Woo hoo!

Homeroom class will receive Olympic Day shirt order forms tomorrow.  There is a quick turn around time to return your order sheet and $.

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You’ve had additional time to read each day in class this week and many of you have taken your RC #2 test early-HOORAY! For the rest of you, make sure you read tonight, so you can do your best tomorrow.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” – Stephen King

We will continue with the reading stations in class tomorrow.  Make sure you have your book and work with you.

April 16

Padlets have been updated

The Padlets for Unit 11A are attached.  Make sure your sentences have capitals and ending punctuation.  You must be writing SOS (sentences of seven) quality sentences for full credit.  The Unit 11 Quizlets are also available.  If you prefer to write your sentences on paper, please follow the same directions and make sure your name, Unit 11A, period number, and date are on your paper BEFORE you turn it in.

April 16

Monday, April 16

Today all classes had the opportunity to get some reading time in for the Reading Counts test due Friday.  You also wrote the first 5 words of Unit 11 Vocabulary.  Padlet sentences will be due Thursday.

Due Friday, April 20th

April 15

Schedule 4/16-4/20

I am still waiting on Friday’s schedule, but this is what we have so far.  We are back to regular class, so please bring your journals/binders and independent reading books.  Your next Reading Counts is due Friday, April 20.  You will have some time to read during class, but make sure you are reading at home as well.

April 10

Day 1!

Super proud of the effort I saw from my HR today!  Day 1 is in the “books”! (See what I did there?)  Looking forward to continued effort for tomorrow’s back to back Reading/ELA sections!!!

Strategies we reviewed…

#1 Read the questions first! (Green shoes vs. Brown hair!)

#2 Quick summaries WHILE you’re reading.  Stop and tell yourself 2-3 details every 2-3 paragraphs.

#3 Circle…bubble! WRITE in your test booklet and keep track of your answers and question numbers as you go!



April 7

Milestone Schedule April 10-13

Schedule has changed!  Please see the PowerPoint for updates!

Please look through the attached PowerPoint for testing information specific to 6th grade and my (Mrs. Traster’s) classes.  While every effort will be made to stick with these times, please note that things can happen and some changes may occur.