January 10

Central Idea and Supporting Details

Today we began our mini-unit on finding the central idea and supporting details of text.  We used the PowerPoint to guide our learning and discussions and worked with a partner to analyze the text.  We will continue our lesson tomorrow with more partner practice with longer pieces of informational writing.

Homework: All classes have Unit 7 Padlet (paper/pencil) sentences to complete. Read!

January 9

Unit 7 Vocabulary

Today all classes took down notes for Unit 7 vocabulary.  It is a short week, so get your Padlet sentences completed early.  They are due at the beginning of class Thursday, Jan. 11th. 

Reading Counts #1 deadline is Friday, January, 19th.  Try to complete it by the 17th to give yourself extra days if needed.

January 4

Welcome back!

Thank you all so much for the Christmas gifts, cards, candy, homemade treats, etc. I hope all of you had a restful break.  I am very thankful for the wonderful group of 6th graders that I teach!

Today we went over the classroom rules/expectations as well as TAPP P.R.I.D.E.  In addition, all classes took their Unit 7-9 Vocabulary pretest.


Important Dates!


**Report cards go home tomorrow**

December 14

Last day to turn in make-up work is Tuesday, December 19th!

Today all classes took their Unit 6 vocabulary test and received instructions about make-up work.  I will return your corrected tests tomorrow and error corrections will be due Monday.  We will take our Unit 4-6 Summative Vocabulary Test MONDAY!

Vocabulary Sentences: You must write them on lined paper and label the unit the words are from.  No Padlet submissions will be graded.

Reading Counts Quiz: Make sure your tests are up to date.  Three tests, all within your range, and one non-fiction book should be completed.

Vocabulary Test Error Corrections: Error corrections are due the day after they have been returned.  All work should be completed on a separate piece of paper and the sentences at the bottom MUST be written out to receive credit for the correction.


December 13

Vocabulary and Reading Counts Tests

Today all classes took their second Reading Inventory assessment in the computer lab.  Tomorrow is the Unit 6 vocabulary test and Reading Counts #3 is due FRIDAY!

You will get your vocabulary test back Friday to make error corrections.  We will take our summative test for Units 4-6 Monday, December 18th.

December 8


Goodness gracious!   I leave town and you get half a snow day!  Enjoy it and be careful.  I have updated Padlets with the last five words of Unit 6.  If you need to warm up after playing in the snow, get them completed early!

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