May 16

Unit 10-12 Summative Test tomorrow!

Make sure you study your notes or use the Quizlet to be ready for the test tomorrow.  Same format will be used…30 matching and 30 context sentences which will be averaged for your Units 10-12 summative grade.

Keep reading!  I will honor your Reading Counts tests up to the last day of school!

All classes have now chosen their own book through our book tasting event.  I hope you enjoy the book you chose.  Thank you to Mrs. Roberts for ordering such a wide variety!!!

Keep looking for TAPP and Traster books and bring them back to school.

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May 9

Stay focused!

Padlet sentences due tomorrow!  Make sure you have capitals, periods, properly spelled vocabulary words, and sentences of seven which make sense.

Unit 12 vocabulary test is Friday…STUDY!

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May 7

Reading Inventory Testing

Almost everyone has completed their third and final RI test.  Congratulations to those who made gains!  Please make sure you have your Reading Counts book and journals in class tomorrow.

AC classes-Make sure you have read and completed your literature circle roles.

May 6

Week At A Glance

Monday- Students will take their final Reading Inventory tests in the computer lab.

Tuesday-Last set of words for Unit 12!

Periods 1 and 3: Literature Circles

Wednesday- All classes: Reading Counts test due and Reading Comprehension Break Out activity

Thursday- Periods 1 and 3: Literature Circles

Periods 2, 4, and 5: Book tastings

Friday- All classes will take Unit 12 vocabulary test

May 2

Padlet sentences due tomorrow!

1st and 3rd: Today we conducted our book tasting for literacy circles.

2nd: Library Day!  Keep reading!

4th and 5th: Today you used the SQ3R graphic organizer to prepare you for the informational passage you and your group will read tomorrow.


All classes have Padlet sentences due tomorrow.