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Looking back at August and September and looking forward to October!

Hi Family & Friends!  I have finally succeeded in getting my new blog operational!

Our 1st  9 weeks of school were very, very busy and your wonderful students have done great job of settling down and learning to be focused, hard-working first grade students.  Already I have seen remarkable progress in their efforts and attitude towards their work!

Thanks to all of you for jumping in at home by helping your child develop a love of reading by finding the time to read with them for their Monthly Reading Logs and assuring that they are reading at least 3 or more times every week! My students are always excited to share with me the total number of books they are reading and love reaching the magic number of “12” so they can attend our monthly “Friday Reading Club”  on the last Friday of each month.  They have a fabulous time lunching with me in our classroom on those special days and enjoying a special “treat” to boot as an extra reward for reading!

Also, starting this month, we have added another incentive which is the Pizza Hut “Book-It” Program.—Just continue to read 12 books in the months of October, November, December, January, February, and March and earn a “free” coupon for a personal size pizza.–That’s a possible 6 free yummy pizzas for the next 6 months! There is a huge competition going on in our class right now to see who will be the next  student to earn a Pizza Hut coupon!

During the 1st nine weeks we focused on our  Common Core Standards.  Here is a summary of what we have been doing in class since school started:

Math:  Data & Graphing; Counting to 120; Place Value-2 digit numbers with tens & ones; Adding and subtracting within 10; Comparing & Ordering Objects; Ordering & Determining length;  Time to the hour & half-hour.

Reading:  For the first 3 weeks of school we were going through our Reader’s Workshop “Launch Unit”.  This was very detailed specific lessons on the components of the Reader’s Workshop program and actual practice by the students to ensure that the students knew what the expectations were in Reader’s Workshop and how they were to participate as learners.

Once we actually got started with our lessons we have been learning about to locate “key details” in a story, as well as how to use illustrations and details to describe the characters, setting, or events in a story.  We also learned that there are major  differences in books that tell stories (fiction) and books that give information (non-fiction).

Writing:  We have been taking baby steps to learn how to become good writers and writing personal narratives or stories about ourselves.  We are working on developing good writing habits and skills by learning, then applying those skills to our own stories.

Phonics/Spelling/Sight Words:  We reviewed our consonant sounds and the short & long vowel sounds and practiced  how to read and write those words.  We have been learning how to read and spell words with blends.  And…  are learning to read and spell 75 or more Sight Words from our 1st Grade Sight Word List—I think you have heard a thing or 2 from me about those Sight Word Lists, haven’t you?

Science:  We have been learning about weather, weather words,  and weather instruments.

Social Studies:  We learned about the 7 Continents  and 5 Oceans that make up the earth, as well as some of the major landforms of the earth.  We  practiced identifying and locating our city, county, state, nation, and continent on a simple map and globe.



As we continue to move into our 2nd school quarter, I like to thank all of you for the extra effort you give at home to help your child become strong students.  Here are some reminders of things you can do to assure that your child is getting the most out of his/her school day.

  1. Make sure your child is rested!  Getting a good night’s sleep is so important for young minds to be ready for all they learn at school!–We do not take naps after lunch at school.
  2. Be on time at school every day!–I am a bell-to-bell teacher and use every minute available to teach. Our Math Lesson starts at 7:55 a.m. and ends about 9:00, so PLEASE be on time!  Most everything I teach is new information and I don’t want your child to miss that!
  3. Do your homework and turn it in the next day.  All homework is review and practice of what we are learning in school and should not take more than about 10 minutes to complete.–IT IS O.K. TO HELP YOUR CHILD WITH HOMEWORK, BUT DO NOT DO IT FOR THEM.
  4. Check your child’s folder every day!  Particularly, look at their Monthly Behavior Calendar.  Compliment their good days and chat about those days that may not have been so great!–REMIND THEM THEY ARE IN CHARGE OF THEIR BEHAVIOR AT SCHOOL AND THEY CAN ALWAYS “TURN THEIR DAY AROUND”  TO MAKE IT A GOOD DAY!
  5. READ FOR YOUR MONTHLY READING LOG AT LEAST 3+ DAYS PER WEEK!–The more your child reads, the better reader they will become!
  6. STUDY YOUR SIGHT WORD LIST!  Those words should be said “in a snap” and will make your child’s FLUENCY or “ease of Reading” much stronger!
  7. Learn your BASIC ADDITION AND SUBTRACTION facts!—Yes, they learn strategies for additon and subtraction, BUT knowing the + and – facts “in a snap”, will be beneficial as we move into late 1st grade and into 2nd grade.
  8. HAVE FUN AT SCHOOL! Let’s have a good time while we are learning!!!

DON’T FORGET TO LOOK FOR “Ms. Meek’s  News, Notes, & Homework” sheet that comes home every Monday for our most current weekly updates and information!  Also, check back in to this Blog every 2 weeks for updates about what we are learning!


 Ms. Meek






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