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7-27-18 Welcome Back To School, First Graders!

Hi students and parents!  Welcome to Ms. Meek’s 1st Grade Class!  I hope that you all had a safe and wonderful summer. 

My name is Ms. Tricia Meek and this is my 30th year of teaching!  I have 2 grown sons who live far away with their families.  My 2 wonderful grandchildren, Grace (5) and Sam (2), live in the Washington, DC area and my granddaughter, Grace, will be starting kindergarten in about a month.—She can’t wait to go to “real school”!   This summer, I had a great time visiting with my family and friends, gardening in my pretty yard, and “sleeping-in” late on most days! However, for a few weeks now, I have been thinking about my wonderful class this year and I am ready to get this school year started!  I hope you are ready to get started, too!

Our “Sneak-A-Peek” will be held on this Monday, July 30 from 12:00–4:00 p.m.  This is a time when you can bring your child to school to meet me and also allows your child a chance to locate our classroom and take a “peek” before school starts. Please arrive for Sneak-A-Peek according to the schedule below so that we can have a few minutes to introduce ourselves and chat briefly.  (*Parents, please note that Sneak-A-Peek does not allow time for lengthy or private conversations;  please ask me for an after-school conference if you have specific concerns you want to speak with me about.)

  • Students whose last names start with A–L:  attend 12:00–1:45 p.m.
  • Students whose last names start with M-Z:   attend   2:00–4:00 p.m.

You should have a received a grade level list of school supplies in your child’s end-of-year Report Card that was mailed at the end of last school year. You can also access the 1st grade Supply List on the Pitner website or pick up a copy in the school front office.  Please bring those supplies at Sneak-A-Peek or on the 1st day of school as students will need them immediately.  Students will put their school supplies in their on “cubbies” this year so they can access those materials when they need them.  Each student will learn to be responsible for his/her own things this year!

BREAKFAST AND SNACKS! —Breakfast is “brain food”!  Make sure your child starts the day off with breakfast at home or check with the cafeteria staff if you wish for your child to eat breakfast at school.     

SNACKS & WATER BOTTLES AT SCHOOL:  Parents may send a “healthy” snack to school with your child if you like.–Fresh fruit/veggies, fruit packs, cheese, crackers, cheese, yogurt, breakfast/granola bars, popcorn, etc. are good choices.  NO CANDY BARS, HARD CANDY, LOLLIPOPS, OR CHEWING GUM– BUBBLE GUM!–WATER BOTTLES ARE A GOOD IDEA FOR THE HOT DAYS!—NO JUICE BOXES, SODAS, ETC.

SCHOOL STARTS THIS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1st AT 7:45 a.m.   Please know that we have much to learn this year and it is very important that your child be in class by the time the bell rings @ 7:45.—Students need to be at school and unpacked so they can start the day off right with our school announcements & daily class meetings before we start Math @ 8:00 a.m.—IF YOU PLAN FOR YOUR CHILD TO BE A CAR RIDER, PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT THE CAR POOL LINE CAN BE VERY LONG, SO PLEASE PLAN FOR THAT!

THURSDAY–AUGUST 9th.—OPEN HOUSE @ PITNER.–Parents are invited back to school on this night for a more complete look at what will be going on in class this year.—PLEASE JOIN ME IN OUR CLASSROOM, ROOM 207, FOR AN OVERVIEW OF WHAT WILL GOING ON AT SCHOOL THIS YEAR.  A detailed 1st grade informational hand-out will be given to each family. This includes class schedules, explanation of Common Core Standards/1st grade curriculum, grading, testing, Homework, Reading/Writing/Math expectations, behavior, etc.  Parental questions & concerns will be addressed if time allows.



  • School email:     I check my school email before 7:15 a.m. and after 2:30 p.m. each day.  Please note that I do not stop teaching to respond to emails, but will reply to you after school is dismissed for the day.  ***PLEASE DO NOT EMAIL TRANSPORTATION CHANGES TO ME AS I MAY NOT SEE THE EMAIL UNTIL AFTER SCHOOL DISMISSES THAT DAY.  INSTEAD, PLEASE CALL THE OFFICE AND LEAVE A MESSAGE FOR ANY LAST MINUTE OR EMERGENCY CHANGES YOU MAY HAVE THAT DAY.***


  • Front office phone:  678-594-8320  Leave your name, phone number, & a brief message with the office staff . I usually do not return phone calls until after 2:30 p.m. or later.  The office staff will be sure your message reaches me before the end of the school day.


  • Send a signed and dated NOTE with your child in his/her school folder.–Make sure you remind your child to give me the note when they arrive in the morning.—I do not check folders and book bags for notes every day.


  • BLOG      My blog  will be updated weekly, so please check in often to stay in touch with what’s going at school and in our class.


I look forward to teaching your child this year and “teaming’ up with you for the success of your child!   I hope to see you at Sneak-A-Peek on this Monday, July 30!



Ms. Tricia Meek





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