08.28.17 – 09.01.17

This week in Drama:

6th graders begin this week continuing their Pantomime performances.  We will then move into exploring stage fright and appropriate audience etiquette.  We will finish the week with voice projection techniques.  They will also have their first Vocab quiz this Friday on words 1-10.

7th graders have rehearsed and prepared for their dialogue performances.  We will perform these in class this week before we move into our storytelling unit.

8th graders are well on their way to producing an original musical.  They are working on creating advertising posters, programs for their musical, designing costumes, and designing their sets. 

This week in Broadcasting:

Almost all students have completed their movie maker practice.  When they’re all done, we will begin to explore the phases of Pre-Production (scripts and storyboard practice). Students have been separated into teams and will complete a scavenger hunt using the classroom filming equipment.