09.11.17 – 09.15.17

This week in Drama:

The second vocab quiz for Drama classes has been pushed to Wednesday, September 20th.

6th graders are being exposed to appropriate audience etiquette. They will demonstrate expected behaviors at a theatrical event. Then, we will move into voice projection techniques and careers in theater.

7th graders are coming up with ideas for their storytelling performance. After they decide which story to tell, they will begin developing it and drawing cue cards to help them during their performance. Then, there will be lots of rehearsal time before their actual performance.

8th graders are diligently rehearsing their musicals and getting ready to perform. The storm set us back a little bit so performances may not happen until next week, but more rehearsal will only strengthen their performances.

This week in Broadcasting:

Students are finishing editing their scavenger hunt pieces and finishing their script and storyboard practice. This is taking longer than planned due to technical issues faced during their first real editing assignment. We will then move into learning ways to prevent continuity errors in filmmaking.