09.18.17 – 09.22.17

This week in Drama:
The second vocab quiz for Drama classes will be Wednesday, September 20th.
The vocabulary folder projects are due on Friday, September 22nd.

6th graders are looking at the difference careers available in theater productions. After that, they will learn about costuming and will design a stage costume for a character.

7th graders are creating some cue cards to help them with their storytelling performance. After that, they will begin rehearsing. They will spend a lot of time rehearsing this week, preparing for the performances after fall break.

8th graders are performing their musicals this week. After all of the performances, they will complete peer reviews and complete a reflection of the project as a whole.

This week in Broadcasting:

Students have demonstrated their knowledge of camera angles and the use of the equipment/editing software. This week they will explore continuity errors, critiques, B-roll, and location scouting.