10.9.17 – 10.13.17

This week in Drama:

We have all new students in Drama with this week being the beginning of a new quarter.

All three grade levels will spend the first few days understanding the syllabus and getting ready for a great quarter.

6th graders will then rehearse and perform some skits just to “get their feet wet” in the acting world.  By the end of the week, we will begin to study the history of theater as a whole.

7th graders will begin the 9 weeks with improvisational skits performed through classroom games. They also will finish the week with an introduction to the history of theater.

8th graders will jump right into techniques they need to know about writing a play.  They will perform a short “Welcome to the World of Theater” skit and will move into the history of Broadway musicals by the end of the week.

This week in Broadcasting:

Students are editing their recently filmed pieces.  They will turn the finished videos in by Wednesday, at which time we will complete peer reviews and critique the finished videos.