10.16.17 – 10.20-17

This week in Drama:
Being conference week, our class periods are shortened this week. However, we are doing our best to cover as much material as we can in the shortened amount of time.

All three grade levels have set up their vocabulary folders and are prepared to begin defining terms for their quarter-long Vocabulary project. Please encourage your student to stay on top of these terms as the final project is worth a Performance Grade at the end of the quarter.

6th graders are starting their week with an understanding of the history of theater. Then, we’ll move into Pantomime.

7th graders are working on completing graphic organizers about different time periods in theatrical history. They will have a gallery walk by the end of the week.

8th graders have begun to be introduced to Broadway Musicals. This week we are watching clips from DVDs that help explain how the musical became synonymous with Broadway. After that, they’ll move into beginning to produce their own musicals.

This week in Broadcasting:
Students begin the week by completing peer reviews on the team members they had on their last video project. We will then explore constructive criticism a bit before watching and critiquing their finalized videos.