10.23.17 – 10.27.17

This week in Drama:

All three grade levels come into class daily and have the first 10 minutes to work on their quarter-long Vocabulary project. Please encourage your student to stay on top of these terms as the final project is worth a Performance Grade at the end of the quarter.

6th graders will begin the week being introduced to Pantomime.  They will then be given an assignment where they have to write a 12 step pantomime, rehearse, and then perform it in front of the class.

7th graders created their charts for the History of Theater gallery walk.  We plan to complete those graphic organizers on Monday and move into other things.  Among the things to cover:  Compare/Contrast Theater to other fine arts, relaxation and breathing techniques, and audience etiquette.

8th graders are finishing their introduction to Broadway musicals.  This week, the teams will be announced and teams will begin to explore song selections and role responsibilities.

This week in Broadcasting:

Students have learned the proper way to give and receive constructive criticism.  They are still reviewing the completed videos.  After that, we will move into exploring B roll before starting new video projects.