10.30.17 – 11.3.17

This week in Drama:

All three grade levels come into class daily and have the first 10 minutes to work on their quarter-long Vocabulary project. Please encourage your student to stay on top of these terms as the final project is worth a Performance Grade at the end of the quarter.

6th graders are performing their Pantomimed scenes in the early part of the week.  Then, we will move into exploring Performance Anxiety and Audience Etiquette.

7th graders are exploring how different audiences behave at different types of venues.  We will do a quick study of Performance Anxiety and learn a few techniques to help with stage fright before moving into Dialogue.

8th graders are assigning roles and responsibilities for their musicals.  They will then begin to develop characters and stories, and write their scripts.

This week in Broadcasting:

This week we will study Journalism Ethics and the importance of accuracy in journalism.  After that, we will try to tell the difference between fake news and real news.  After that, we will begin our study of different journalists in history.

All Broadcasting students have been assigned a “B-roll” assignment.  They must collect video footage from an event here at Durham and edit the footage into a 30 second piece to air on our morning news.  They will also need to write a script for our anchors to read to go along with the B-roll.  This video is not due until December 8th, but students should not wait until then to turn it in.  They are welcome to collect footage, edit, and turn it in any time between now and then.  Because of the amount of time given for this assignment, no extensions will be given and failure to turn in a B-roll piece by Friday, December 8th will result in a grade of zero for this video project.  Thank you for understanding.