08.28.17 – 09.01.17

This week in Drama:

6th graders begin this week continuing their Pantomime performances.  We will then move into exploring stage fright and appropriate audience etiquette.  We will finish the week with voice projection techniques.  They will also have their first Vocab quiz this Friday on words 1-10.

7th graders have rehearsed and prepared for their dialogue performances.  We will perform these in class this week before we move into our storytelling unit.

8th graders are well on their way to producing an original musical.  They are working on creating advertising posters, programs for their musical, designing costumes, and designing their sets. 

This week in Broadcasting:

Almost all students have completed their movie maker practice.  When they’re all done, we will begin to explore the phases of Pre-Production (scripts and storyboard practice). Students have been separated into teams and will complete a scavenger hunt using the classroom filming equipment.

08.21.17 – 08.25.17

This week in Drama:

6th graders are getting settled in.  This week will be their first week with vocabulary words.  We will begin the week with Pantomime games.  Then, they will be giving an assignment to prepare and perform a Pantomimed scene.  Throughout the week they will rehearse and then they will perform towards the end of the week.

7th graders are getting their first exposure to Shakespeare with Sonnet #18 (Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?)  With the lines in it referencing the dimming of the sun, the students will tie it together with the eclipse and write their own sonnet.  After that, they will be introduced to Dialogue and will be assigned a script to rehearse with a partner.  It will not need to be memorized.  Their first 10 word vocabulary quiz will be this Friday, August 25.

8th graders took longer than planned to write their scripts for their musicals.  This week we will be covering many aspects of the musical, such as Blocking and Staging, Marketing, Sets and Props, and Flyers.  Then, they will have multiple days to work on those.  Their first 10 word vocabulary quiz will be this Friday, August 25.

This week in Broadcasting:

Students are working on an assignment that will give them exposure to Window’s Movie Maker.  It is just for practice, as some of them have never used Movie Maker before.  After that, we will begin to explore the phases of Pre-Production (scripts and storyboard practice). 



This week in Drama:

6th graders are just now getting their connections schedules, so this week will be spent learning about the expectations in this classroom and getting to know each other.  We will cover the History of Theater and will move into Pantomime by the end of the week.

7th graders are learning some basic acting terminology.  Then, we’ll explore audience etiquette and predict behaviors of audiences in various venues.  Near the end of the week we will begin to talk about stage fright and discuss strategies to use to deal with stage fright.

8th graders are on their way to writing a musical.  This week they are developing their characters and writing their scripts.  This usually takes more time than any other part of the project, so I am letting them breathe and get their creativity out on paper.  Towards the end of the week, we will explore blocking and staging a scene.

This week in Broadcasting:

Students have begun the morning broadcast of announcements and, although there are a few hiccups, everything seems to be flowing smoothly.  We will explore basic camera shots and angles this week, and students will practice using Windows Movie Maker for editing.  They will also begin to look for natural transitions in videos. 

08.07.17 – 08.11.17

This week in Drama:

7th graders are learning about the History of Drama.  Once that is done, we’ll compare theater to other art forms.  Towards the end of the week, we’ll be begin exploring relaxation techniques and voice mechanics.

8th graders have begun to explore Broadway musicals. They are gaining background knowledge so that they’ll be able to create their own musical with a group. This week will be spent announcing teams, selecting music, and exploring the career positions that will need to be filled in order to produce their musical.

This week in Broadcasting:

We go on the air LIVE on Monday, August 7, and the students are excited, but nervous (as am I!).  This week we’ll learn about trade terms in the broadcasting industry.  We’ll also be shown how to use the equipment and demonstrate knowledge of that through a hands-on “quiz.” Towards the end of the week, we’ll explore basic camera shots and angles before actually beginning to use the equipment.


Welcome to the blog for Durham Middle School’s Drama and Broadcasting Department.  My name is Trina Zwolle and I am extremely passionate about teaching both Drama AND Broadcasting.  I have seen so many creative students come through this department and cannot wait to welcome even more!  Please visit my site often to find out what your child is doing in our class.  This is truly a community of learning where we teach each other and learn from each other every single day!