Oct. 3-7


Vocab 8 vocab-8-words

Complete Writing Goal #2/Practice #1:  See Ms. Woody for instructions for your particular goal

Unit 2 Test on Thursday.  See attached review info the-inner-life-test-review


Vocab 8 paragraph vocab-8-paragraph-prompt

A Thousand and One Nights the-thousand-and-one-nights


Scheherasade Symphony Notes:  Students will listen to an interview with the conductor of the Baltimore Symphony

SAT practice: Students will answer five weekly SAT questions for practice (Every Wed.)

Active/Passive Voice editing assignment.  See Ms. Woody for details.

Students will submit their mid-term writing folder entries today.


Unit 2 Test–Multiple Choice and short essay

Things Fall Apart: Students will check out this novel and follow the attached plan for reading, quiz dates and activities things-fall-apart-reading-assignment

Things Fall Apart Reading Questions: things-fall-apart-chapter-questions


Students will bring Things Fall Apart novels to class to work on their reading and question-answering assignment.  They must also hand in the Proverb assignment distributed in class.