Back to School

Welcome back to school!  We can’t wait to have your kids here at Tritt with us in the after school program.   

The ASP program is a prepay program.  Please be sure to submit payment on the day your child stays or in advance for the week or month.  You are welcome to use the convenient online payment system after your child is registered.  (the system has had some updates and improvements from previous years) 

Check payments can be made out to Tritt ASP and put into a yellow ASP envelope. 

A few guidelines to remember: 

  1. If a student is written up for behavior incidents 3 times they will be suspended from the program.   
  1. 2nd offense phone calls will require the parent to pick their child up immediately 
  1. 3rd offense will result in suspension.  Length of suspension will be determined by the director, parent, and administrator.  
  1. Prepayment of the program is mandatoryIf you incur more than 10 days of delinquent tuition with 2 notices your child will be suspended from the program until payment is made. 
  1. If your child leaves the building for an appointment they may not be returned back to school during the ASP program, they must be checked back in during the school day. 
  1. The program runs until 6pm on days school is open.   If you are late please immediately call (770)642-5637 

Daily Tuition= $7 a day, weekly Tuition for 5 days is $35,   and monthly tuition:  

August 22 days =$154                       January 19 days=$133 

 September 15 days =$105              February 15 days=$105 

October 23 days =$161                     March 22 days=$154 

November 15 days =$105                 April 17 days=$119 

December 15 days=$105                 May 13 days =$91 

Please refer any questions or concerns to Tiffany DeMeester ( or Rene Mclaren ( . Both of us are in the building during the day you are welcome to call and leave a message for us with the office.  

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