2017-2018 Here We Come!

It is so good to be back at the Ridge this year for some more adventures and good times.  Students are already back into the swing of things juggling all kinds of stuff like scarves, beanbags, rings, and pins.  The best part about juggling is that they have to work to achieve progress and success, and they get a decent workout doing all those squats when they have to pick up their drops.  I look forward to working with your child this year at the Ridge.  Thanks for the opportunity!

Visit www.libraryofjuggling.com for more information.

Week 4


Grades 2-5:  Go for 20

Grades K-1:  Go Noodle, Hoop & Slog, Beanie Games

Muscle:  Triceps

Word:  Type (Aerobic and Anaerobic)

Something to Think About:  Examine the F.I.T.T. Principle.