Eight Engaging Ways to Use Technology Tools to Create Lessons That Are Not Boring!

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This blog post was inspired by this AWESOME article that organizes a lot of the information that I share with teachers I support.

8 ways to use technology in the classroom to create lessons that are not boring…..

1. Incorporate student input and gather feedback
– – It is as easy as using iRespond NOW or iRespond to give and get immediate feedback from students and teachers

2. Gamify It
– – Try Kahoot with your students!!!!!!!
– – ELA teachers can even gamify the Writing Process using Edmodo or another tool. Email me and I will explain.

3. Let students create
– – There are so many creation Web 2.0 tools out there. Check out the CCSD Web 2.0 Support Site or  my Web 2.0 links on my support site….linked below.

4. Get interactive
– – Use the Edmodo POLL feature to engage students before a lesson.
– – students try out your interactive white board’s multimedia tools
– – Use your SimplcitySlate (ClassPad/iMMPad) to add interactive elements to your instruction.
– – students use Web 2.0 tools for guided practice

5. Have students collaborate
– – Use the Edmodo NOTE feature for students to talk about/discuss class topics/standards
– – Have students share technology so they must communicate and collaborate their learning.

6. Project/Problem Based Learning (PBL)
– – Present a problem that the students need to solve. They must learn along the way in order to solve the problem. Have students discover information and make it their own.

7. Simulations
– – This can be done with or without PBL…. When student have to apply their learning in a real work situation, they will retain the information. I used to LOVE doing Tom Syner simulations in the classroom. The web has a lot of them out there.

8. Bring in a guest or two
– – With the new SimplicityCams (document cameras) and LYNC installed on ever teacher laptop, it is EASY to connect with classrooms and experts
Do not be overwhelmed with the number 8! Pick ONE and try it. Connect with other educations that want to try too so you have a support system.