QR Codes & Interactive Books for Kindergarten Classes

ipadsin the classroomI have had a GREAT time working with Area 5 schools this year on how to use iPads in the classroom. I break down the use of iPads into three areas: Practice Skills, Access Information, and Creation.  Each time I visit with teachers, we explore one of the three topics and also focus on one of the six Digital Classroom skills.

Recently I have been working with a lot of Kindergarten teachers in Area 5 on how to integrate the use of QR codes for students to access information and then do something with the information.

Check out some of the stuff I have shared and what teachers have been creating for their students!  (Thanks Tina Jenkins from Dowell!)

qr examples









Recently I discovered, from Matt Gomez, a ton of online books that students can access via QR codes.  He shared it recently on his blog.  I am now sharing them with you!  Click on the link below.



Here is the direct link to Unite For Literacy: http://uniteforliteracy.com/ .  You can display this site for whole or small group instruction.

Here are MORE AWESOME resources from Matt Gomez!