ELA Apps to Try Out in Your Classroom

Thanks to Emerging EdTech and EdTechTeacher for sharing new apps with me!  These look GREAT!

vennVenn Diagram – is an app created by the International Reading Association and it provides students with an easy-to-use Venn diagram. Although it may not have the “flash” of other apps, its functionality makes it one of the most useful apps for teachers to use in their classroom. Some ideas for using it include teachers assigning students a text that compares multiple ideas and having students organize those ideas using this app, or teachers can lecture about two topics and require students to record their notes using this app. Students can take a screen shot of work and turn in via Edmodo.

abcABC Phonics teaches students letter identification using an engaging format. ABC Alphabet Phonics shows anywhere from 3 to 10 eye-catching letters and prompts students to select a letter from the group.


shortstories301+ Short Stories is a collection of writings from famous authors. In this app, students are able to read the stories.  It would be great to combine apps (App Smashing). For example, teachers can have students read O. Henry’s The Gift of the Magi in this app and then illustrate using another app like Doddle Buddy or organize elements of the story using Popplet.


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