QR Task Cards for Site Words

QR CODESHere is another blog post on QR codes.  Sorry!  Lots of teachers have been asking for ideas.  I wanted to share this with you.  Email me ([email protected]) with your thoughts.

I think any grade level can adapt this activity for their use.

I received a question from a fabulous Kindergarten teacher recently…..

Here is Mrs. W’s question: “Can we talk to you about a way to record sight words and have students access it easily? Needs to be done independently during Daily 5 time.”

Attached is a possible solution. I uploaded the Word template to reuse and a PDF version to print out and use at a center.

What did I do….
1. When to Vocaroo.com and recorded the sound file using my teacher laptop since it has a microphone.
2. After making the sound file on Vocaroo, instead of making a quick QR code (disappears after 3 months), I downloaded the sound file to my computer.
3. I uploaded the sound file to an online store site (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive). I used OneDrive.
4. I copied the public link/URL from my OneDrive to the sound file and
5. pasted it into QRstuff.com to make the URL.

I then added the QR code to the MS Word doc.

What do you think? Email me with questions or if you want to share a better way to make resources for students.

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NEWSELA – – Great ELA tool for ELA/Reading Teachers

Are you an ELA/Reading teacher who is looking for current articles that will engage students, but are challenged with finding articles for all of the different Lexile levels in your classroom?  Well NEWSELA is for YOU!!!











Positives for NEWSELA

  • Free (for now!)
  • Easy sign up
  • Current news articles on different Lexile leves
  • Teachers can create a class and assign articles to students (PAPERLESS classroom/ BYOD classroom/ Flipped Classroom)
  • Teachers and students can annotate the articles

Teachers cannot send different articles to different students at this time, but you could work around that by creating “classes” with similar Lexiled students in them or use Edmodo to send out articles.

Let me know what you think about NEWSELA!

Thanks to Candice Wilkes of LMMS for the ‘heads-up”!

7 STEM Apps for Higher Order Thinking

Graphite from Common Sense Media is a great web site to visit to find good educational tools and apps to use with your students.  Graphite recently posted a great article on seven STEM apps for high order thinking.


Here is the link for more information:  Graphite – – 7 Stem Apps for HOTS



Image Source: http://www.graphite.org/blog/7-stem-apps-for-higher-order-thinking?utm_source=2014_01_08_Graphite_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=weekly

Six EdTech Tools for Student Products

Here is a link to a great blog post that recommends six creation tools for students.

Make sure to check out the ‘terms of service‘ before using with kids.  Be aware of CIPA and COPPA laws.











Image Source: http://bornstoryteller.files.wordpress.com/2011/11/creativity2.jpg

Rewordify – Help Kids Understand What They Read

What it is: Rewordify is a neat online app that helps struggling readers, ESL/ELL students, etc. improve their reading comprehension and vocabulary development.  Students can copy and paste a difficult passage into Rewordify and it instantly transforms the text by highlighting words it has substituted with more common/easily understood, language.  Students can click on the highlighted word to view the original word that was replaced.

Teachers can use Rewordify to create vocabulary activities from any high-interest reading passage, make over 350 classics more accessible, and show students how to surf the web the way a strong reader does.

Settings within Rewordify let students adjust how they interact with difficult passages based on their own preferences and learning needs.

How to integrate Rewordify into your classroom:  Rewordify is a fantastic web app for struggling readers (or any reader!).  Often, non-fiction can be difficult for students to read and understand.  Even strong readers can struggle with the new vocabulary and terms used.  Rewordify simplifies the text so that students can read through it successfully for comprehension.  It doesn’t stop there!  Since all of the words that were reworded are highlighted, students can see new vocabulary in context.  Rewordify can help students build up the ability to recognize context clues and how to use them to increase comprehension.
SOURCE: iLearnTechnology

Teaching Writing in the 21st Century!

This is what teaching writing should look like in the 21st Century.
Check out the blog post below……

Are you able to “successfully edited every paper shared with me 2 times before the final draft was submitted.”?


Plus… this is WAY Common Core:
“Common Core Standard that requires students “develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach,” this is a wonderful way to support students in this process. You are also using “technology, including the Internet, to produce and publish writing and to interact and collaborate with others,” which is another writing standard!”