Computer Lab Activties

Inspiration/ Kidspiration

Ways to use in the computer lab?

  • Solve Math problems with Kidspiration Math View
  • Frayer Model, Sequence, Cause & Effect
  • Mind mapping
  • Subject Area – concept maps
  • Reading Book Review


Timeliner XE


Ways to use in the computer lab?

  • List dates from SS
  • Sequence book details
  • Visually organize information on a timeline, sequence, or cycle


WEB 2.0 – online resources

Ways to use in the computer lab?

Word Cloud Tips and Tricks –


Common Core State Standards – ELA

What can students do in the computer lab AGENDA

Wordle or Tagxedo Resource Page: What is the difference?

Step by step directions for Tagxedo


VIDEO resources:

How to make a Wordle:



How to video for Tagxedo:

Example 1:

Example 2:


What does a Tagxedo look like?  Why?