What is Evernote? An information management system.  Input text, photos, audio, etc. into Evernote.  Organize and label your information so then you can search and find information quickly.

Here are some links to some HELP resources:

Getting Started with Evernote

Knowledge base for Evernote

Advanced Evernote Tips to be Efficient

How to use email to input into your Evernote account and folder system

How to get ‘stuff’ into Evernote


Here are  some “how to” videos for using Evernote. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Evernote Basics Part 1: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Evernote Part 2: How to Get Content into Evernote   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Evernote 3: How to Search Evernote…. POWER of Evernote!!!!


PDF Docs: Evernote-for-leaders-Productivity-Agenda-jan-2013

Ways to Use Evernote