Project Based Learning

By putting students in the role of effective collaborator, critical thinker, creative problem-solver, and capable communicator, projects prepare students for college, careers, and active citizenship.


What is Project Based Learning (PBL)?  What are elements that make up (PBL)?

Roadmap Tools:

Creation Tools: (CIPA/COPPA – ?Terms of Service – May need Parent Permission to use with students.)

  • PhotoStory
  • MovieMaker
  • Inspiration
  • Timeliner XE
  • Office Suite: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher
  • Edmodo
  • Audacity (podcasts)
  • KidsBlogs
  • iPad Apps:
  • Animoto ?
  • VoiceThread?
  • Blabberize?
  • Prezi?

Other 21st Century Tools for Students

Atomic Learning:

  • TEACHER:  USERNAME:  Badge ID   PASSWORD: atomicl2012 (l=L)
  • STUDENT: USERNAME: Student ID PASSWORD: student2012





Collaborative Learning:


Project-Based Learning Research Review: