October 19

Weekly Update October 19th

Weekly Update for the week of October 23rd

Please note – we have a field trip on Tuesday.  Mrs. Harmon will be taking the class on the field trip and Mrs. Kenah and Mrs. Tankersley will also be chaperoning.  I am asking that the students wear their green 4th grade shirts on Tuesday for the field trip. 

Also, a letter went home today about our Music performance on Nov. 2nd.  Please return this asap.  Mr. Savage needs to know who will be there for instrument assignments.  We are also asking that students wear their 4th grade shirts that night, however, we have a field trip the next day that I would also like for them to wear those.  Our suggestion is that the students wear the shirts just for the night performance (not to school that day) and then they can just wear them again on the field trip because they shouldn’t be dirty.  I hope this makes sense.

Here are some important upcoming test dates too.  They are in the Weekly Update, but I wanted to make sure you saw them because the week of the 30th is going to be a busy week.

10/30 – first vocabulary quiz on Wonder. Students already have the words highlighted that they will need for the quiz.  I have suggested that they go ahead and start studying now.  They can start with the few words they have and study a little each night.

10/31 – American Revolution test – students have a study guide in their binders.  They also have a graphic organizer on the causes in their binders.  We are starting the battles tomorrow and then will go over some more of the important people.  I will have students bring home their books we are making in class next week on Friday.

11/2 – Multiplication Test- We will have our math test on multiplication on Thursday, November 2nd

Thank you for taking some time to meet with me this week and discussing your wonderful children.  I have really enjoyed having them this nine weeks and am excited about the rest of the year. 


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October 12

Weekly Update October 12th

Here is our Weekly Update for next week.  I am looking forward to meeting with each of you next week.  If you would like for your child to join in on the conference I am perfectly fine with that.  Don’t forget to check the Sign-Up Genius link for your day/time.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I am excited for some Fall weather next week!


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October 7

Box Tops


Timber Ridge Families, it’s time to start collecting Box Tops 4 Education to help earn money for our school! We will soon send home additional information and a collection sheet in Thursday folders to help get you started.

  • Check expiration dates. We cannot accept any expired box tops.
  • You do NOT need to trim the box tops. We must be able to see the expiration date.
  • Don’t want to use the collection sheet – no problem! Gather box tops in an envelope, a sandwich bag, whatever works for you…just get them in! Please try and bundle in packs of 10 or 25.
  • Where? Either send in box tops with your children or you can drop them off in the box in the front office.
  • Download the new Box Tops Bonus App, choose product offers and then scan your receipts.
  • Due date: Please have box tops turned in by Friday, October 20th.


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September 21

Weekly Update September 21st

Here is our Weekly Update for the week we return from the break!  Weekly Update September 21st-1so9u0v

  • Don’t forget our Potlatch is tomorrow.  You may either bring in the items with your child in the morning, or bring them to the front office. 
  • Map in a Month projects are also due tomorrow.  We have enjoyed sharing the ones that have come in so far!
  • If you have not yet signed up for your conference time, please do so as soon as possible.  Thank you!  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090a4aa5af22ab9-conferences
  •  Also, just a reminder that we will be starting the book Wonder  in October.  If you have not already done so, please order the book for your child.  It can be on a Kindle if you prefer to do that.  We will begin reading the week of October 16th
  •  I have been busy grading and will be updating grades in Synergy today and tomorrow.  Possibly over the break as well. 

 I hope everyone has a wonderful Fall Break! 

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September 14

Weekly Update September 14th

Here is our Weekly Update for next week.


Few reminders: 

1.       Tomorrow is Camp Day.  I have set up two pretty big tents, so I think we are good on that.

2.       Sign of the Beaver questions and vocab for the final chapters are due tomorrow.  I will be collecting the questions to grade.

3.       Khan Academy is due tomorrow.

4.       For Math homework next week, students will be working on DreamBox. Most remember this from last year.  They will need to use the link on my blog under the homework tab in order to get on DreamBox.  The username and password are the same as their Khan Academy.

5.       Fall Carnival is tomorrow. I will be in the Power Shower from 5:30-6.  Come see me!

6.       I hope to see everyone at the East Cobber Parade on Saturday! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


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September 7

Weekly Update September 7th

Few reminders/information:

  • We have a vocabulary quiz tomorrow on words from chapters 10-16.  Students should have the words marked to study.
  • Progress Reports are in your child’s Thursday folders.  I do not need these back unless your child made a C or below. 
  • We met our Class Dojo goal of 1,000 class points!  YAY!!  The class chose to have a Camp-out for our Celebration.  This will take place next week on Friday, September the 15th.  Students may bring in a blanket (I would prefer no sleeping bags).  They have asked about bringing in tents.  I am okay with this but only need a couple.  Also – it needs to be one that is easy to set up and not too big!  We are still learning that day, so they will need to be able to work as well.  I have one tent, so just a few more will be good.  Please let me know if you are able to send one in with your child.  Please leave the stakes at home.  We do not need them in the classroom.
  • We still need some Volunteers for our Booth next Friday at the Carnival.  No one has signed up for the 7:00 time.  Great opportunity for High School students to earn some volunteer hours if they need them. 
  • Students are to finish reading Sign of the Beaver by next Friday.  They must complete all the vocabulary and questions by then too.  It is also very important that they are bringing their materials to class daily.  We will have some class time for this as well.

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September 1

Vocabulary Quiz #2

Our 2nd vocabulary quiz will be next week on Friday, September 8th.  It will cover words from chapters 10-16.  Students have the words in their vocabulary spirals.

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August 31

Weekly Update August 31st

Wow!  I cannot believe the month of August is over!   We have had a busy 1st month of school.  Attached you will find the Weekly Update for next week. 


Just a reminder that Khan Academy homework is due tomorrow!  Sign of the Beaver  chapters 14 & 15 are also due.

Math homework for next week – I am assigning addition and subtraction work on Khan Academy for next week.  If your child completes this in less than the 30 minutes, please have them get on IXL.
AC – IXL 5th grade any B and H activities
4th grade students – IXL – 4th grade any B or C activities


Don’t forget to be working on the Map in a Month project.  I also want to clarify – I mentioned to the class that it is easier if they can find the poster board with the gridlines already on it, but if they cannot a regular poster board is perfectly fine.  They will just need to use a ruler or yard stick to draw the lines.  I do suggest drawing the lines in pencil on the map.  You can find poster board at Walmart, Target, and office supply stores, Kroger, Michaels, etc.


We will also be having another Vocabulary quiz next week.  I will have the students write it in their agendas as soon as I know the definite date and chapters the quiz will cover. 

There are still slots to sign up to help at the Fall Carnival and for Thursday folders.  If you can help out in any way that would be wonderful! 


Have a wonderful long weekend! 


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August 24

Weekly Update August 24th

Here is our Weekly Update for next week.  Please check with your child to make sure he/she is doing his/her nightly readings and assignments for The Sign of the Beaver.  We are discussing and reading in class as well.  We have highlighted words to study for their vocabulary quiz they will have on Thursday.  Please look over these words.  We also have our next Math test on Tuesday.  We did not get to go over the Map in a Month project today, so I will be sending that home tomorrow.  It will be in your child’s binder.


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August 17

Weekly Update August 17th

Here is our Weekly Update for next week.  Please note our Science test will be on Tuesday.  Study guide can be found in your child’s binder.  Thursday folder papers – I only need the red grade sheet to be returned signed saying you saw the work.  You may keep the work. 


If your child will not be here on Monday, they will need to do the following as far as work to make up:

·       Math – Review comparing numbers – can do extra on this on Khan Academy

·       Reading – Read chapter 6 in Sign of the Beaver – answer the question if they haven’t already answered it, define three vocabulary words in vocab spiral.

·       Review for Science Test on Tuesday. 

·       I would also love for them to write to tell me where they went to view the eclipse and what they thought about it.

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