April 19

Weekly Update April 19th

Here is our Weekly Update for next week.  I have also included a calendar of events for the rest of the year.  Thank you again for all the donations for the class!  Please see the following about the Kona Ice fundraiser.  This also went home today in Thursday folders.  There was a lot of important information in Thursday folders.  The enrollment letters and envelops went home for report cards.  Please make sure that you read the directions carefully.  Have a wonderful weekend!

Weekly Update April 19th

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April 12

Weekly Update April 12th

Here is our update for next week. 

Thanks again to everyone who has volunteered for things and brought things in for the class! 

Progress reports will be going home on April 26th.  I just wanted to let you know because that is a change from the Timber Ridge Calendar. 

Your children are working so hard on the Milestones and we are having some fun reviewing in the classroom in the afternoons.  Only a few days left! 

Thanks for getting them here on time each morning. 

We started our novel today.  We will have class time tomorrow to work on it.  Please make sure your child brings his/her materials each day to school.  I was able to check out the laptop cart on the class days so students choosing to do their questions and vocab on 365 will be able to have a computer to complete that in class.  We logged in at school today, but please have your child let me know if they are having trouble logging in at home.  It is such a great tool to use and saves a lot of paper! 

Thanks again for everything and enjoy this BEAUTIFUL weather!  I hope your children are getting outside on these gorgeous days and playing! 

Weekly Update April 12th

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March 29

Weekly Update March 29th

We had a FABULOUS time today on our Fire Safety Field Trip!  The kids were AMAZING!  They earned a lot of DOJO points today!  We are working towards our class goal of 4,000 for our next celebration.


We will not be having homework during testing other than our Novel Study homework will begin on Thursday, April 12th for ­A Long Walk to Water. Students will have class time to work on this as well.  If you are wanting your child to do any work over the break, they brought home their Math textbooks today and they can always get on Khan Academy, DreamBox, or Moby Max for any extra practice.  The Study Guide for the Georgia Milestones is also posted in one of the previous Weekly Updates on the blog. 


I hope everyone has a fun, relaxing, and safe Spring Break!  I am looking forward to sleeping in maybe one extra hour! 

Don’t forget to bring in items for our review games ($1 store goodies/candy/etc) and cereal boxes and toilet/paper towel rolls.  Thank you to everyone that has already started bringing these items in.

Our schedule will be slightly different during testing.  Please make sure your child is on time to school on those days, so that they can test in the classroom with us and not have to make it up later. 

Here is our schedule for Tuesday, April 10; Wednesday, April 11th; Thursday, April 12th; Monday, April 16th; and Tuesday, April 17th.  We will have a normal schedule on Monday, April 9th& Friday April 13th.  Our normal schedule will resume on April 18th which will also be a Target Day.

During testing days:

Recess: 10:40-11:10

Lunch: 11:30-12:00

Specials: 1:40-2:10

Thank you and have a WONDERFUL break! 


Weekly Update March 29th

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March 22

Weekly Update March 22nd

Here is our Weekly Update for next week!

Report Cards came home today in your child’s Thursday folder.  I only need the envelop back signed.  You may keep the report card. 

Fire Safety:

·       Your child needs to complete pages 2-3 & 11 at home with you.  I need a parent signature on page 3 and 11. 

·       They will need to complete Quizzes 3, 4, 5, & 6 before our field trip.  I have told them they can work on this in class or for homework. Some students are almost finished because they had extra time today.

·       Our field trip is next week on Thursday.  I will be reminding students if they need to bring a sack lunch in or buy a lunch from the cafeteria.

·       We will wear our green 4th grade shirts on the field trip.   Right now it is supposed to be a nice day, so fingers crossed it stays that way!

Weekly Update March 22nd

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March 8

Weekly Update

Wow!  Next week marks the end of the 3rd nine weeks!  I cannot believe we only have one more to go!  This has been a very busy few weeks with finishing up our RBQ’s, working on our Geometry unit and Geometry Towns, learning about the Civil War and the students working on their Narrative projects!  We are sharing those tomorrow and I cannot wait to see what an awesome job they all did! 

We did not get to take our Vocabulary Quiz today, so we will do it tomorrow.  One extra day to study.  

We will be having a STEM Day on May 4th.  We need empty cereal boxes.  Will you please send these in as you finish them at your house?  

Weekly Update March 8th

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February 15

Weekly Update February 15th

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!  I know everyone is excited for the February Break next week!  Don’t forget to work on Narrative Projects during the break!

Here is our Weekly Update for what we will be doing when we return from the break! 

Please be sure to check your child’s Thursday folder!  There is an important letter from Mr. Castle regarding testing.  This applies to our class! 


Weekly Update February 15th-1t0mhxy

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