January 18

Weekly Update January 18th

Since we are now missing tomorrow, I have moved our Social Studies test to Thursday.  I know this puts 2 tests on the same day, but hopefully everyone has their study guides and can get some studying in while we are out.  The only thing we have not covered is the Trail of Tears and impact of Westward Expansion on the Native Americans.  We are going to do this lesson on Tuesday.  
Our field trip is still set for Monday to the Youth Museum.  We will be eating lunch at school around 10, so no need to bring a sack lunch.  Students can definitely bring a snack to eat when we return in the afternoon.  
There are still students that have not completed homework from this week.  Technically it would have been due by tomorrow morning.  Please make sure your child completes last weeks homework.  They can also get a jump start on this week’s homework.  See below:
  • I have assigned a Language lesson on Relative Adverbs and Pronouns.  We have been working on this in class since we returned in January.  (I’ve lost count of how many days we have actually been in school.)  This is due by next Friday the 26th.

  • I have also assigned new Khan Academy and DreamBox on comparing Fractions that is due Friday, the 26th.  This is the other half of our math test that we will have on Thursday.  Most students are understanding equivalent fractions.  If your child is having trouble, I encourage you to work on this over the weekend to help them.  We cannot get too far behind with Milestone testing.

  • Please make sure your child has completed the assignments from last week as well.  This will help make sure they are prepared for the test on Thursday.

  • Social Studies Test on Westward Expansion – Thursday, January 25th
  • Equivalent and Comparing Fractions Test – Thursday, January 25th
The 100th day of school will now be on Friday, January 26th.  Students are encouraged to dress like they are 100. 
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January 11

Weekly Update January 11th

Here is our Weekly Update for next week.
We do have a Math test tomorrow on adding and subtracting fractions.  We will also have a test on Westward Expansion on Friday, January 19th.
Students have a graphic organizer and study guide in their binders.  Please look over nightly.
Georgia Milestones will be here before we know it!  I am adding some additional homework this nine weeks since we are not doing a novel study.  Students do need to be working on their Narrative Book project (see page in binder).  In addition to this, I will be assigning and assignment on Moby Max each week.  For next week, I have assigned a Reading Skills for Informational reading on First and Secondhand accounts.  This is something we will be doing in class next week.  It will be due on Fridays just like our Math homework.  I am not setting a time limit for students, they just need to make sure they complete the assignment and make at least a 75% on it.  I will be checking Moby Max to make sure this is being done.
There are some great things on Moby Max, so if you see something else you would like your child to work on, please have them do it!  DreamBox is also another great thing for students to do at home.  I know we assign it for homework too, but having students just get on there for practice on other skills is also great.  This program enriches students.
Congratulations to Mrs. Phillips for being selected as our chaperone for our Youth Museum field trip!  We do have one more coming up in March, so stay tuned for more information on it!
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December 14

Weekly Update December 14th

Here is our Weekly Update for next week.  I cannot believe we have only 2 full days and 2 half days left of the nine weeks!  Please be sure your child practices area and perimeter at home so they are prepared for their test on Tuesday.  We are having a classwork grade tomorrow on Area.


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December 7

Weekly Update December 7th

Here is our Weekly Update for next week!

Congrats to our Spelling Bee participants, Leila and Marlena.  The both did a wonderful job today!

Please see Weekly Update for some items we need for some fun projects in Science next week.  I think I left off marshmallows.  We also need those. 

Stay warm tonight! 


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November 30

Weekly Update November 30th

Here is our Weekly Update!  I cannot believe tomorrow is December 1st!


Please see update for upcoming tests and activities.

We will be meeting on Monday @ Merchant’s Walk to see Wonder.  I will get there a little early and meet everyone right inside before we go in.  If you get there right at 4:15 and don’t see us, come on in.

I am so proud of each student on how well they did on their Reading Inventory today!  Very impressive!  Your child’s score is either in his/her Thursday folder or he/she has it in his/her backpack.  Please be sure to ask to see it!

There was also a permission slip in your child’s Thursday folder.  Please make sure to fill it out completely and to get it in as soon as possible.

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November 16

Weekly Update November 16th

Here is our Weekly Update for the week we return from Thanksgiving Break.  I hope everyone has a wonderful week off with family and friends!  It was so wonderful seeing so many of you today!


I will be assigning DreamBox and Khan Academy homework tomorrow that will not be due until the Friday we return from the break in case some would like to go ahead and get it done.  We will have Wonder homework that will be due that Wednesday we return.  Our last Vocab Quiz for Wonder will be December 6th and the test will be December 7th.  I will be giving students the final words tomorrow in class.


Don’t forget to bring $1 to wear pj’s tomorrow!


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November 8

Weekly Update November 8th

Thank you to everyone that donated items for the basket.  We had a basket full of some awesome outdoor things!

We worked hard on division today, and most students seem to really understand what they are doing.  I have told them just to keep practicing at home so they can get even better at it and feel more comfortable with it.  They will be completing a classwork grade on Friday on division.

I have also told students to bring in their Wonder materials to class tomorrow and Friday.  They will have time in class to work on their homework.  That will make for a GREAT weekend!


Just a reminder of next week and tests:

Wednesday – New Nation Test (study guide and notes are in binders – start studying!)

Thursday – Wonder vocab quiz #2 – study nightly

Friday – Division test


**Please let me know if your child is leaving early on Friday or will not be here so we can work out a time they can complete their work.  We will be doing a few graded activities this day.

Please make sure to bring in a note for transportation changes these next two days.  I will not be here, so I want to make sure students get home correctly.


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November 6

Math Homework

I have made assignments on Dreambox and Khan Academy for homework.  Make sure to get your 30 minutes in this week.  I have assigned the assignments for the next 2 weeks, so start easy and work your way up to the harder lessons.  Homework is due on Friday!   We will be having a classwork grade on division on Friday as well.

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