GA Studies 8/20-8/24/18

Student Online Textbook


Warm Up: Questions on the Board

Review Mississippian Cultural Period Station Packet

Video on Age of Exploration

RAFT assignment on AGE of Exploration: Option 1: Role: Artist, Audience: Museum Vistors, Format: Mural, Topic: Create a mural (picture) with a 2 sentence caption showing an aspect of the Age of Exploration.

Option 2: Role: Explorer, Audience: Potential Donor, Format: Letter, Topic: Write a letter to a potential donor asking them for money to support your exploration journey. Explain your reasons for taking this journey.


Warm Up: CNN 10

Mississippian Sensory Figure Quiz

Complete RAFT assignment


Warm Up: Questions on the Board

Notes on the Age of Exploration

Tree Map on the motives for exploration

Reading passage and summary on the Age of Exploration


Warm Up: CNN 10

Notes on the Age of Exploration

Picture Analysis

Tree Map on the 3 D’s of Exploration

Video on Hernando DeSoto


Warm Up: S.O.S. SS8H1:b

Video on the impact explorers had on the American Indians

Be The Thing Writing activity. Be the Thing Activity-1nwq9cg



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