GA Studies 8/27-8/31/18


Warm Up: Political Cartoon Analysis

Notes on European Settlement in North America

Exploration Comprehension Check Worksheet. Exploration and Settlement Comprehension Check-1hkjq2q


Warm Up: CNN 10

Go over Exploration Comprehension Check

Notes on the Colonization of Georgia

Debtors Prison Reform Picket Sign Debtors Prison Reform Picket Sign-1dook82


Warm Up: Question over the colonization of Georgia

Reading passage and questions. on James Oglethorpe and the colonization of Georgia.


Warm Up: CNN 10

Notes on the Colonization of Georgia

Students will create a Flow Map on the Creation of Georgia

Students will create a Tree Map on the reasons for the Creation of Georgia


Warm Up: S.O.S on Standard SS8H2 the creation of Georgia as a colon

Students will fill out a V.I.P Chart on James Oglethorpe, Tomochichi, and Mary Musgrove

Per. 3 and 4 Colonial Georgia Flyer Georgia Colony Flyer-qhmwl9

Per. 5 and 6 James Oglethorpe Interview An Interview with James Oglethorpe-2esepgz



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