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This Week In Physics!


Week of 2/5/18 (tentative & subject to change)
Monday: Review ½ Parabola Motion; 2D full parabolic motion notes and problems
Tuesday: Go over free fall quiz; Complete full parabola lab
Wednesday: Check full parabola projectile problems; Circular motion demo with record player, review circular motion vocabulary; Uniform Circular Motion internet activity
Thursday: 2D Quiz; Continue with rotation problems
Friday: Review quiz; Mini-Lab to determine stopper velocity

SP1. Obtain, evaluate, and communicate information about the relationship between
distance, displacement, speed, velocity, and acceleration as functions of time.

d. Analyze and interpret data of two-dimensional motion with constant acceleration.
• Resolve position, velocity, or acceleration vectors into components (x and y, horizontal and
• Add vectors graphically and mathematically by adding components.
• Interpret problems to show that objects moving in two dimensions have independent
motions along each coordinate axis.
• Design an experiment to investigate the projectile motion of an object by collecting and
analyzing data using kinematic equations.
• Predict and describe how changes to initial conditions affect the resulting motion.
• Calculate range and time in the air for a horizontally launched projectile.

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