5-20 Geometry

Today for the first few minutes, we finished our Test on Factoring and Quadratic Formula. We then did a┬áreview lesson on simplifying radical expressions, as well as on simplifying sums, differences and products of radical expressions(both with and without variables). After going over the odd problems on the Radical Review Practice, we did a review lesson on finding equations of circles and also determining the radius and center of a circle given its equation. The students were assigned all odd problems on the Circle Review practice, which we went over in class. Lastly, the students were assigned the first part of the review for the final, which they were asked to complete all problems except #19-20 for homework. Please see the links below for today’s materials.

Practice – Final Review – Radicals

Practice – Review for final – Circles

Practice Final Exam Fall 2015 Part 1


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