November 27, 2017

After reading a Sharecropper’s Contract, focus questions help lead into understanding the challenges faced by Freedmen during the reconstruction period.  We used the Cycle of Poverty to understand how sharecroppers and some tenant farmers would be pulled into a difficult economic cycle. These assigned classworks should be on pgs 58, 59, & 61 of Student Interactive Notebooks.

Remember the timeline project is due Friday, Dec. 1.  There is a unit 4 test on Thursday, Nov. 30.

Tomorrow we will get a small picture of Georgia’s political reconstruction, and Wednesday work the study guide for the test.

Sharecroppers & Tenants-2fpxi04



Following a short look at events from the Civil War affecting Georgia, we turn to Reconstruction.  We worked through the chart about different phases and Georgia’s response to Federal control after the war.  The chart should be page 55 in the interactive notebook.  It is posted here.

Reconstruction H6a-b-1449zxk

November 13, 2017

Use the following urls to search for information about your Civil War poster projects:

 November 13 & 14, 2017     FOR information about your Civil War poster projects

use the following urls to quickly get to your research:

If you find another link that’s super successful, let me know.




Friday, November 10, 2017

This week we covered conditions of slavery, the abolition of slavery, the Dred Scott decision, and finally moved into the Election of 1860.  It’s always a challenge to get clarity about such a massive historical event so any movies, discussion, or research you can do to bring clarity would be helpful.  Our course is a survey of Georgia history, so it needs supplemental paths to the rest of the states and the nation.

Today, after a mid unit check, students were asked to finish their Election of 1860 foldable for pg. 50 of their interactive notebooks.  The inner portion is the hardest part where they are asked to analyze the candidates views of slavery.  This period is worth discussing with your student.  Information about this can be Chapter 5, section 4 & 5 of the textbook, or simply research online.

Next week students will research and create poster projects about Georgia’s role in the war, including Andersonville Prison, Sherman’s March to the Sea, the Atlanta Campaign, Battle of Chickamauga, Emancipation Proclamation, & the Union’s Blockade Plan (Anaconda Plan).  Other elements may be added later.




On Monday this week, we had a development session on inquiring about historical artifacts, primary & secondary sources. Tuesday was our test over the unit about early statehood of Georgia.  Wednesday we reviewed the 3/5 compromise of 1787, connected it to the Missouri Compromise, and finally the Compromise of 1850, all connected thematically by the scourge of Slavery. Today, we followed up with an informational grid and Georgia’s response to the Compromise of 1850 in the Georgia Platform. Documents are posted here.

Compromise Worksheet-plpq3u

Exit ticket Compromise 1850-1ib7z1s




Mon, Oct. 23 -Wed Oct 25, 2017

Monday, we introduced and took note of land policies that GA had to try and expand into land gained from the Revolutionary War’s Treaty of Paris.   PowerPoint Posted:

SS8H4b Skeleton Notes-1rg6xjz

Land policies chart H4b-155igo7

On Tuesday, October 24, we read about the Creek Indians and completed focus questions as an Exit Ticket.

Find the ticket poster here:  H4d reading exit ticket-2gqp4iv

On Wednesday, October 25, students are asked to read about 2 technologies that helped GA expand into the western lands.

H4c reading and illustration-2mtt5ew

On Thursday, October 26, 2017, we will talk about the Creek Indians and their treatment in GA.  The information is posted here to review. It’s a bucket load to cover :

SS8H4e Excellence Reading-x42s0d

Review for next weeks test on Friday.



October 19, 2017

Yesterday we mapped location changes of Georgia’s capital & the location of Georgia’s first state chartered university.  Two questions students are asked to answer: 1. Why is GA’s capital changing locations over time?  2.  Why was The University of GA founded?

The mapping & questions document is posted below.

Ga County Map-1l1ki83

Friday , we will talk about all the land added to GA as a result of the Revolutionary War and how that land was allocated.  Find the organizer below:

Land policies chart H4b-1557bp3

The two PowerPoints for notes are posted for review:

SS8H4a Skeleton Notes-z8hxxm

SS8H4b Skeleton Notes-1rfvssj

We’re planning a test next so review sheets will be passed out next week.