World History Unit 5

Unit 5: Test 4/19

SSWH20 Demonstrate an understanding of the global social, economic, and political impact of the Cold War and decolonization from 1945 to 1989.

  1. Explain the arms race, include: development of nuclear weapons, and efforts to limit the spread of nuclear weapons.
  2. Describe the formation of the state of Israel and the Arab-Israeli Conflict.
  3. Analyze the rise of nationalism and the revolutionary movements in Asia (i.e. India and China) and Africa.
  4. Analyze opposition movements to existing political systems, include: anti-apartheid, Tiananmen Square, and the fall of the Berlin Wall.


The Cold War-161rlgu



India and Pakistan reading questions-258ss9e

Strayer Questions China and building socialism-1v3omff

Toward Freedom Questions-1mhrllg

Questions – Decolonization Crash Course-2i5gyht


Hard copies were given in class



world geo unit 4

Unit 4: Test 4/16

SSWG5 Analyze human interactions with the world’s environments.

  1. Analyze the economic, political and environmental impacts associated with industrialization and natural resource management around the world (e.g., fracking, strip mining, building of dams and reservoirs, deforestation, sustainable development, and renewable vs. non renewable resources).


Mineral Notes-sogfjy

Articles and readings:

What The Colorado Waste Water Spill Tells Us About Mining Contamination-1rnc7zl

Last Ones Left in a Toxic Kansas Town-26ga1kj


Climate Scientists Fear Trump May Fatally Undermine Their Work ques-1wp8bee

Amazon Gold and other Videos dealing with Mercury poisoning-2gzbs8g

Fracking and more-2m7pi1e

Global Environmental Issues Video Questions-2n8e8lj

Ques – What The Colorado Waste Water Spill Tells Us About Mining Contamination-1e3dcf6


DBQ rubric  – DBQ Rubric geo-qmgy7t

World History – Unit 4

Unit 4: Test 3/29

SSWH18 Examine the major political and economic factors that shaped world societies between World War I and World War II.

  1. Describe the rise of fascism in Europe and Asia by comparing the policies of Benito Mussolini in Italy, Adolf Hitler in Germany, and Hirohito in Japan.
  2. Describe the nature of totalitarianism and the police state that existed in the Soviet Union, Germany, and Italy and how they differ from authoritarian governments.
  3. Explain the aggression and conflict leading to World War II in Europe and Asia; include the Italian invasion of Ethiopia, the Spanish Civil War, the Rape of Nanjing in China, and the German violation of the Treaty of Versailles.

SSWH19 Demonstrate an understanding of the global political, economic, and social impact of World War II.

  1. Describe the major conflicts and outcomes, include: North African, Pacific, and European theatres.
  2. Identify Nazi ideology and policies that led to the Holocaust and its consequences.
  3. Analyze the impact of the military and diplomatic negotiations between the leaders of Great Britain, the Soviet Union, and the United States.
  4. Explain Post-World War II policies and plans for economic recovery, include: the Marshall Plan for Europe, MacArthur’s plan for Japan, and the formation of the United Nations, NATO, and the Warsaw Pact.


Between the Wars-2d7ubkg


Democracy Denied wo ans-1uh4xvs

A Second World War outline and questions-1wkwyf6

World Wars Video questions between and wwII-2mnlnh6

Fascism documents have questions within the reading. These questions will need to be answered on a separate sheet of paper


Democracy Denied – gave hard copies of this in class

A second World War – Also gave hard copies of this in class


World Geo Unit 3

Unit 3: Test 3/15

Packet Due 3/15 – ag packet-1ce0fy7

SSWG5 Analyze human interactions with the world’s environments.

  1. Describe how and why agricultural techniques and technology have changed over time (e.g., irrigation, crop rotation, green revolution, and GMO’s).
  2. Analyze the impact of water insecurity around the world (e.g., drought, desertification, water rights, and depletion of the Aral Sea).



Water Security only-2isbhn5


1_Agricultural Revolution (1)-s4oydw

Agriculture video questions-2l8ladx

The Triple Whopper Environmental questions-1thqomj

Vice india’s water crisis-1k4bvon

questions – Water map shows Billions at risk of water insecurity-26rrwbh

More to be added later


The Triple Whopper Environmental Impact of Global Meat Production-1ddchiq

What If the World soil runs out-1grlyrl

Water Map Shows Billions at risk

Videos: Sorry, but many of these in class are not available free.



world history unit 3

Test: 3/8


after the war reading-02132018111935-110hw4m

Online text: Search “Will Pack’s Classroom” or use the website below.


After the War-15y5quk


World Wars WWI Video questions-1sxqqwm

After the War questions wo answers-2fp6374

tsars Alexander to revolution and rev text ques-1e2e6cw

stalin wkst-03282017135433-whwttz


Start this video at part 15 to go with the work sheet

World Geo Unit 2

Unit 2: Test 2/15

SSWG3 Evaluate how cooperation and conflict among people influence the division and control of the earth’s surface.

  1. Explain how geography (size, shape, and relative location) can be an advantage or disadvantage to participation in global exchange (e.g., Chile, Indonesia, Russia, Canada, South Africa/Lesotho, Turkey, and Switzerland).


  1. Explain how political, economic, and social networks and organizations of global power influence places, countries, and regions (e.g., United Nations, NAFTA, African Union, the European Union, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, 1961 Antarctica Treaty, Non-Governmental Organizations, and social media).


Unit 2 project  – SSWG3 project-173gd8l


SSWG3 project student notes-1i7v0ql


Location and the global exchange-phs7my

World History Unit 2


Unit 2: Test 2/12 (if you miss this test it must be made up by 3/5. Failure to do so will result in a zero on this test)

SSWH16 Analyze the rise of nationalism and worldwide imperialism.

  1. Compare and contrast the rise of the nation state in Germany under Otto von Bismarck and Japan during the Meiji Restoration.
  2. Assess imperialism in Africa and Asia, include: the influence of geography and natural resources.
  3. Examine anti-imperial resistance, include: Opium Wars, Boxer Rebellion, and the Indian Revolt of 1857


italy germany b-01262018085604-urdzxh

modern japan-01262018085704-14b0e2o

philippines textbook-02072018083357-2e70n3v

philippines reading-02142017104511-1ldiypo



Africa civ imp ques-2nma0kq

opium wars vid ques-2m0fawk


italy germany unity wkst-02062018082022-1pv8yh2

modernization japan wkst-02062018082135-2eb8mib

Imperialism Maps (turn these in with “Last Samurai” questions)

Compare contrast of Philippines Readings instructions:

  • Southeast Asia
  • How is History altered through omission
  • Compare your textbook and the outside reading in their accounts of imperialism in the Philippines.
  • Make a chart that compares the 2 accounts. (include specific examples)
  • Concentrate on how the perception of this historical event is altered between the 2


2nd Wave Imperialism revised again-106ukgo



World Geography Unit 1


Unit 1 test Moved to 1/29 due to missed school days. (you have till 2/12 to schedule a make up test. Not doing so will result in a zero for that test)

Review for test –

Syllabus  and course outline

Geography 92B Syllabus-xoufpg

– World Geo Course Outline 2nd semester 2018-r76clx


ind pak reading-01032018114147-2ns8y3l

jews v muslims readinh-10312016131315-27v81bg


Political geography terms 1-160gjya

india region pol map-2e6d7kv

India and Pakistan reading questions-253ghfm

Vice dangerous borders-1akyqyl

Jews verses Muslims in Palestine-26mywo9

Vice Sn 4 ep 7 Palestine Today-1vaqqxd


Political Geography-2jixoch

Stateless_Nations (3)-2c0cggc


I am unable to post the videos that we will be watching in class for this unit. sorry

World History Unit 1


Unit 1 test 1/25 (the deadline day to schedule a make up is 2/8. If you have not scheduled a make up by this date the test score will be a zero)

syllabus – World History 102B Syllabus 2nd semester-2hndoqh


ind rev society reading-01032018111552-uzc3a3

lat am rev-01032018112710-2g6qyqy


CC haiti wo answers-1gojpwy

crash course capitalisl vs socialism-253tp3s


Mexico and South America become independent-14m9owl

Industrial Revolution-188c3b8

Impacts of Revolution-ufuolu