world hist – Unit 6 – Islam, Russia, Mongols


Unit Test – 10/30 (make-up deadline 11/13)

Optional assignment – Gladiator exhibit (003)-28vf0c0


spread of Islam-18oqs2w

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Questions – Islam-1hjyjdq

18-Indian Ocean Trade-ueyiyy

The Russian Empire text ques-p1okpm

Tsars of Russia vid ques-1lfdsao

I also still need to scan the Turks worksheet

Genghis Khan video questions-1vtdewm

The Mongol Rule PP-10n9ah2


russian empire reading-1hujjsb


World History – Unit 5

Test – 10/16 ( last day to make up 10/30)



china’s dynasties to song-153n6tn

buddhism and India’s First Empires-23z1myc

Readings: I still have mote to scan. Please revisit this blog for those at a later date.

chap 4 sec 4-09222017134610-1hbkra5

chap 12 sec 4-10052017102943-2fbtgap

chap 12 sec 5-10052017103021-1k1r6ze


Chapter 4 section 4 pp-2mjqn08

Chapter 12 sec 4 & 5 – I do not have an electronic copy of this one

Buddhism vid clip questions-2e1y2nn

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Videos: Other videos are incorporated in my notes but these are the 2 that have worksheets

World History Unit 4


Due to the lost days we have moved a couple of units around. Unit 4 will now be Pre-Columbian America. We are currently working on group projects. I will post all the worksheets that accompany this unit on 9/18. I am still working on them.

Unit Test 9/21 (Deadline to make this test up 10/12)

Readings needed for this unit:

pre-columbian america reading-09152017123354-qa2zx5


Americas Timeline and text Ques 2017 wo answers-x4se0e


World History Unit 3


Unit 3 test — Moved to 9/14 due to school being closed (Deadline to make this test up is 10/5. If this test has not been made up by this date the grade will remain a zero)

You will be able to use your notes on the next unit test. These notes will be turned in as your unit packet. Each section will require 5 numbered facts per section. The video shown in class will require 10 numbered facts. Each section and video notes MUST be clearly labeled and numbered.

The video was released only a couple of months ago so there is not a linked version. This will require that you make a serious effort to be in class every day. I will be showing roughly 20 selected minutes a day to go with the readings. The remainder of the class period students will be able to work on the text notes. If you wish to purchase this video series (It is very good) you may go to the following website:

You may have more than the required notes since you will be able to use them on the test. This is a great opportunity to make a great test grade to either insulate your current good grade or turn things around. Please don’t squander this opportunity!


Chapters 8 and 15 – wld hisy chap 8&15-09012017095443-14i0c8z

Video: This is not a required video nor is it the one that we viewed in class but it is a decent review for what we covered.


World Geo Unit 2


Unit 2 test – 9/21 (deadline to make this test up 10/12)

review for test –

There will also be a Document Based Question essay in this unit that will count as a unit test grade

There will be multiple quiz grades this unit. They will be open homework to measure understanding of the various articles that will be assigned.


Demography 2-1vnuel0


Here’s When Americans Really Started to Panic About Overpopulation _ TIME-1f022xt

japan pop falls article-01182017080105-2c4zgve

Overpopulation’s Real Victim Will Be the Environment – TIME Special Report_ The World at 7 Billion – TIME-2hqelmx

How 4 Other Countries Are Trying to Get People to Make Babies _ TIME-2ns1jzo


Fertility Rates Fall, But Global Population Explosion Goes On. – I am unable to link a electronic version of this article. Please check back. I will scan it and post at a later date.


Crash Course World History 215-1y7ls1s

here is when Am paniced about pop questions-qv83pe


Density Map Instructions-28i74hf

political map-23ydv7v

Japan pop falls ques-1mqp5gn

How 4 other countries Ques-2nds71j

Fertility rates fall reading questions-152qyvi

demography packet-20txu03 Unit packet cover sheet


The First Video is a GREAT review of the entire unit.

world History Unit 2


I understand that we have an unusual situation on 8/21 with the eclipse. On Friday 8/18 I will give you the material that we will cover on both 8/18 and 8/21. You ARE expected to have that material completed on 8/22.

Chapter 6 section 1&2 notes due Friday 8/25 – you will turn these notes in

Unit Test: 8/31 (Last day to make up this test will be 9/14. After that date the test will remain a zero)

Notes for this Unit:

Ancient Phoenicians, Greeks and Persians-2nrod7k



alexander reading warlord-1zsph0d  and  alexander`s friends-08172017154518-29s0may– this is the reading that you will be given on 8/18. Take notes on this reading. There could possibly be an assessment on this.

Chap 5 section 5

Chap 6 sections 1,2 and 4 (chap 6 sec 1&2-08222017111429-28o2q6o)


Alexander reading ques-2egz444 – these are the questions that go with the Alexander reading that is due 8/22

last_stand_of_300-1w2wtpl – this is the video that we will start on 8/18. If you do not come to school on 8/21 you will need to finish this by watching the video yourself. I will have it linked bellow.

12_Fall of the Roman Empire_Byzantine Empire-2cpnhmv

Unit 2 Packet cover sheet-1c51c07 – the last assignment on this is to make a 6 cell fold-able which has 6 different causes for the fall of Rome. Title/description/picture representation in each cell.


world geography unit 1 Physical


Please continue to check this post throughout the Unit as I will add more to it as soon as possible.

Summer reading test – 8/17

Unit 1 test – 8/21



Give Lg outline map and have students draw and label the following Mnt Ranges: Appalachian, Rocky, Andes, Alps, Pyrenees, Ural, Zargos, Himalayan, Great Dividing Range, Ethiopian Highlands

PE muontains-12191uc

On Map – Label the following Rivers and Lakes:

Rivers – Mississippi R. system, Colorado R. Amazon River system, Rhine R, Danube R, Seine R, Nile R, Congo R system, Tigris R, Euphrates R. Ganges R, Indus R, Huang He R. Yangtze R., Parana River

Lakes: Malawi, Tanganyika, Victoria, Baikal,

Draw and label the following Deserts on the Map:

Atacama, Sahara, Kalahari, Gobi, Great Victorian, Sonoran


Bodies of water to label:

Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, South China Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean

Planet Earth Fresh Water-xbe0fg

Draw and label the following Deserts on the Map:

Atacama, Sahara, Kalahari, Gobi, Great Victorian, Sonoran

Bodies of water to label:

Persian Gulf, Caspian Sea, Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Red Sea, Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, South China Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Pacific Ocean

Now draw and color climate zones. Also make and attach a key of the climate zones.

Climate and Vegetation regions-1bdubzj

Planet Earth – Deserts


How to answer short answer or constructed response-1nyyswj

Population Density & Distri-10jdbk5


world History Unit 1


Summer Reading test: 8/10 (last day to make-up this test is 8/24. It will stay a zero after that)

Unit 1 Test: 8/14 and Unit Packet (last day to make-up this test is 8/28. It will stay a zero after that)

Unit 1 Packet cover sheet-1h7icet


history alive 3,3-7-2kvtj3i

From your text – pp. 50 – 55


5 themes-tsfwup

History Alive sections 3.3-7 wkst-1em3e3e

#1 Crash course ques ag rev-1ob1ibi

#2 Crash Course Indus-2nt0x7t

Crash Course #3 meso ques-1yfl02m

Crash course #4 egypt-1yy96pb

Ancient China-1yvux8h


themes and skills-2gbsr37

Unit 1 religions-x05a2u