Week of March 26th – 30th

During this week, we will be working with a DBQ: Globalization at the Border: Has NAFTA Kept Its Promises to Mexican Workers? Students have with them all they need to complete assignments for everyday class plus to write an essay on Friday to answer that question. Important information below: Reflections on Sixth Grade Year Parents,…

Week of March 12th – March 16th

Don’t forget our quiz on Wednesday! Check the resources from last week, and the following, too: https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/5a1efab660b16b110047e058 https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/5a9bfd61045147001adcfa2e   https://create.kahoot.it/details/7e9462ab-9378-4448-84ff-aa9ee3732e62

Week of February 26th -March 2nd

During this week we will study the geography of Latin America. Be prepared for the test on Friday. Please, check the resources below: Features of Latin America-2czq6u0 http://www.sheppardsoftware.com/South_America_Geography.htm Environmental Issues PP-rfmtap http://vocab.com/join/1SZ1R6N http://vocab.com/join/36AVFHV  http://vocab.com/join/32ERAVJ

Week of Feb 12 th – Feb 16th

We will have a summative assessment on Tuesday & our Market Day activities on Wednesday and Thursday. Besides, ESOL students will be taking the ACCESS Test during the week. Check the resources below and be prepared! Market Day-we6hht Canada Map Activity – Political and Physical-167gcv3 PowerPoint – Economics Introduction and Systems-10wbwt5 PowerPoint – Voluntary Trade-2fyrcij…

Week of Feb 5th – Feb 9th

Students will be working on preparation for the Market Day – Feb 15th – 16th. Also, we will have a summative assessment about Canada & Economics on Feb 13th. Be prepared! Resources: Market Day-we6hht Canada Map Activity – Political and Physical-167gcv3 PowerPoint – Economics Introduction and Systems-10wbwt5 PowerPoint – Voluntary Trade-2fyrcij https://play.kahoot.it/#/k/c57d55e5-a39a-47c9-a0ed-81cf4f884623 https://quizlet.com/191649279/economics-6th-grade-set-flash-cards/ https://quizlet.com/266414374/canada-flash-cards/ Black…

Week of Jan 29th – Feb 2nd

We will be working with the Environmental Issues of Canada. Check the following resources: Canada PP-s4baxn https://www.azocleantech.com/article.aspx?ArticleID=563 https://www.desmog.ca/environmental-issues-canada https://www.canada.ca/en/environment-climate-change/services/air-pollution/quality-environment-economy/issues.html Access Resources: https://wbte.drcedirect.com/WIDA/portals/wida https://www.typingclub.com/

Week of January 22nd – 26th

We will be finishing Economics this week and beginning Canada’s geography. Monday: Reviewing for the summative assessment Tuesday: Factors of Economic Growth Wednesday: Factors of Economic Growth Thursday: Quiz about Economic Growth Friday: Geography of Canada Resources: PowerPoint – Economics Introduction and Systems-10umm3z For ACCESS practice: https://wbte.drcedirect.com/WIDA/portals/wida https://www.typingclub.com/ http://www.esl-lab.com/