Hello world!

Welcome to 2016-17 school year at Griffin Middle School.

I am Ms. Vance, your 6th grade Social Studies/ESOL teacher. We are going to have a great educational experience this year, and I hope that you feel the same enthusiasm I feel to do the best we can, working together, to be very successful.

I am excited to start using this blog as a way to communicate with students, parents, educators, and with all those who are interested in learning new ideas, in analyzing the world around us, and in looking for solutions to make it better. We can make this happen in many different ways but we are going to start doing it, using the perspective of Social Studies – geography, history, economics, culture, and civics, for instance; however, we will be applying our vision of critical thinking, and responsible citizenship.

If you are an ESOL student, it is important for you and your parents to check some links that will help you to understand what ESOL means, and what kind of resources are available through Cobb County Website. Click on the follow link and explore it:     http:// http://www.cobbk12.org/centraloffice/esol/

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