Grading Scale


  • Summative Grades 70% (Tests, Projects, essays)
  • Formative Grades 30% (quizzes, homework, classwork

Grading Scale: A= 100-90 B= 89-80 C= 79-74 D= 73-70 F= 69 and below ***

Grade Recovery:  Grade recovery will be permitted on major assignments only. The purpose of grade recovery is to give the student an additional opportunity to show that he/she has mastered the standards of the course.

The following rules will apply for this process as grade recovery is not a right but a privilege.

  1. Grade recovery will only be permitted on major assignments.
  2. To be eligible to take the re-test, students must complete all of the unit assignments prior to the original test date.
  3. Only one retest per test is permitted.
  4. The retest may not be the same as the original test.

Late Work: For every day an assignment is late, teachers may deduct a total of 5 points per day, up to 5 days that an assignment is late.  If after the fifth day the assignment still has not been turned in, the student will receive a zero until they make up the work.  Students with zeros may be required to attend Saturday School for grade recovery, or before and/or after-school tutoring.

Absences:  Students who are absent when an assignment is made will be given the same number of days to complete the make-up work as they were absent, not counting the day of return.  Make-up of graded work will be as scheduled with the teacher.  Students have until five (5) days prior to the end of the grading period to turn in missing work.  Assignments made or announced prior to a student’s absence, including tests/quizzes, that are due on the day of the student’s return will be due at that time.  (Quizzes and tests will be taken with class.)  Homework and any other make up work will be accepted according to school policy. Students are responsible for requesting and following through on make- up work, not the teacher!!!

Teacher Contact Information: School Phone #: 678-842-6917.  The best way to reach me is always email:



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