Arctic Adventure Book Fair is Coming!

Our Arctic Adventure Book Fair will be October 29th-November 4th. We will be open for shopping every day starting at 7:20am. Students must go to class first to drop off their backpacks and check in with their teachers before shopping in the morning. Teachers will bring their classes to make Wish Lists. Be on the look out for those! Also, remember ALL book fair purchases are tax free.

Tuesday~ 7:20am-3:00pm

Wednesday~ 7:20am-6:00pm

Thursday~ 7:20am-3:00pm

Friday~ 7:20am-3:00pm

Monday~ 7:20am-Noon


Online shopping!  All orders ship to your home.  Our Online Fair is already open.  It runs through November 1st.

We can always use volunteers! Volunteer Sign-Up Link

September Happenings!

September was great and filled with lots of fun in the
Media Center! Students had story time with
Hillgrove High School Football players. Students
also found many bitmojis on obscure books, and still
have until the end of October to find a few more
hidden throughout the Media Center. Books over
break was also a great success. If students were not
able to “borrow” a QR code book hopefully they
found something else in the Sora Book library that
was able to keep them entertained.

Angelena Washington Adams, Vaughan Elementary Media Specialist


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