Second Grade Target Bats Project

Second Grade Target students are starting a project on various species of bats.  After an introduction to the information gathering process, students were provided with QR code stickers to lead them to selected websites.  Students may also click on the images below for the Blendspace with the web sites Mrs. Peterson, Mrs. Kuhn, and Ms. Adams prepared. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Accessed 28 August 2017


National Geographic Kids Online

National Geographic Kids icon

 National Geographic Kids Flyer

We now have a subscription to National Geographic Kids Online, which is a fabulous resource from one of the most trusted names around.  The screencast below shows how to find National Geographic Kids in our MackinVIA.


National Geographic Kids online has over 200 National Geographic Kids books, over 500 kid-friendly downloadable images, and all of the National Geographic Kids magazines from 2009 until the present.   Viewers of our morning news show know that our daily Fun Fact often comes from this magazine.

These two short videos provide an overview of the resource and the search strategy.

Basics of NGKids

Searching in NGKids