Happy New School Year!

All classes attended Media Center Orientation where we discussed selecting and caring for books, and our display case shows some gentle reminders of what can happen if books get wet or if the family dog helps himself to a book.  Students especially liked hearing how Mrs. Kuhn’s dog Max, who is a Certified Therapy Dog, took one of HER library books off a table and chewed it up.  Mrs. Kuhn showed students Max’s therapy dog tag (which means he is a very, very good boy) and the destroyed book, because even very good dogs are still . . . dogs.

So while students love to read about animals, we all need to keep our books away from animals.


Woodland animals find an old car . Fine Art. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 9 Sep 2014.


“Mystery” Books Flew from the Shelves

Sometimes students tend to “judge a book by its cover”.  Many times they become stuck in a certain genre and don’t branch out to try something new.  In order to promote some hidden treasures from our Media Center, Mrs. Kuhn selected an assortment of fiction and nonfiction, and Mrs. Belvo wrapped them for an “All Treats, No Tricks” book display.  There was a short blurb on each cover, and there was a barcode.  Other than that, students did not know what mystery was within!

The NewsTeam promoted the idea on the morning news, and these books literally flew off the shelves within minutes, with students clamoring for more “wrapped books”.   A handful of these books were returned unread, but many of them found new readers who were eager to share them with friends.  This promotion was so popular that we repeated it several times during October, and we have had many more requests for “surprise books”.

When will they next appear? Be sure to watch the displays in the Media Center so you don’t miss out!