Summer Reading 2015 : Read for the World Record

August 2015 Update The button is no longer active.  Thank you for participating in the summer reading program.   We’ll see you again next summer!

Click on the button at the top left of this page to log your reading minutes over the summer.

***If you have misplaced the red paper with your summer reading username, contact your public library or Scholastic at 1-800-SCHOLASTIC***

Here are several lists with reading suggestions.  The Children’s Librarian at your public library can also help you find “just right” books this summer.

Summer Reading Suggestions, Grades K-2

Summer Reading Suggestions, Grades 3-5

Summer Reading Challenge Book List, Ages 6-7

Summer Reading Challenge Book List, Ages 8-10

Summer Reading Challenge Book List, Ages 11-13

If you have a favorite title or author, this site may provide a suggestion for what to read next.

What Should I Read Next?