Teasley’s ESOL Team

****The ESOL team is concentrating on listening(following directions),speaking(speaking in English clearly,making statements/answering questions with complete sentences).reading(decoding words, fluency,comprehension),writing,(write with complete sentences that make sense).

****Any students that are working with Imagine Learning please use it at school and at home inorder to keep the license.


**** The ACCESS test will be administered January,16-March 6,2020 and everyone will have practice sessions to get familiar with the test.


****We are having a great year and enjoying all of the students!!!


Lorraine Goodman and Yashira WIllis


November 26-December 21

Kindergarten-We have been practicing our beginning, middle, and ending sounds of CVC words, now we are going to begin reading sentences with CVC words in them along with other activities.

First Grade-We are working on writing informational pieces. The students are selecting their topics, researching on the computers,using graphic organizers, and producing some very informative information.


*****I am so proud of the kindergartners and first graders !!!!!