July 24


Yearbooks are finally here!

A “Drive-Thru” Pick up will be on Wednesday July 29th from 4pm-7pm.

To limit contact while picking up your yearbook, please do the following:
– Sign up on form for a designated time. You must be signed up to receive your yearbook. Please click on the following link:


– When you arrive:

  • Please go through the car rider line that runs along the front sidewalk of the school
  • Place a paper on passesnger side window with student(s) name and grade(s) in Sharpie so it can be read from outside.
  • Open your trunk. Volunteers will place your books in the trunk.

Please note on the sign up if you are picking up a yearbook for a 5th grader or one that is personalized.

There are a limited number of yearbooks still available to purchase!  Just go to  https://schoolannual.com and then search for Eastvalley.

Thank you and we hope to see you Wednesday, July 29th for the “Drive-Thru” Yearbook delivery!

May 21

End of the Year Wrap Up

Report Cards are now able to view on StudentVUE and ParentVUE.

Student Bags are still available for pick up from 8-3, Monday – Thursday until June 1.

Ms. Pluta is working on a 5th Grade Video. Stay tuned for the link coming soon 🙂

May 20

Shout Outs!!

I am so proud of all of you and the work you put into Distance Learning!! 

Congratulations for making all A’s in 5th Grade: 

Brooke   Andrea   Leo   Johana   Eduarda 


Congratulations for making all A’s and B’s in 5th Grade: 

Carter   Sri   Jose   Matthew   Theron   Emily   Yasaman   Lindon   McWhirter   Madison   Nate

Super Readers!!

Congratulations for reading over 100 points this year:

Brooke (249.9)  Leo (156.4)   Jose (121.5)    Nate (121.3)    Johana (114.7)    Andrea (110.2)   Siyona (106.3)



May 19

Reminders for Wednesday…and a TREAT

Zoom Call – 9AM- have a favorite 5th Grade +/or Eastvalley Memory to share.  Click HERE to connect to our Zoom Call.

12:45:  5th Grade families meet in the Eastside Baptist parking lot around 12:45 and get ready to drive through the parking lot for the last time for the 5th Grade DRIVE of HONOR!  Make sure you make a sign to put on your car so we know who you are!  Sit on the passenger side of the car 🙂

Here’s a little treat for you! Can you find yourself in this video from 1st Grade?

May 18

Monday, May 18, 2020

3 more days of school left and then our school year will come to a close!  Just a few reminders:

Make sure you have listened to the end of the Shouting at the Rain book and taken the EVRC test on it.

Wednesday, May 20 we will have our last weekly Zoom call at 9:00 a.m.  I know that is earlier than usual but Mr. Foster has spread out the grade levels for those families with multiple students.  What I want for this call is everyone to share one favorite memory from this year.  Bring a memory to share!

Then, at 1:00, we will have our 5th grade Drive of Honor.  Meet in the Eastside Baptist parking lot around 12:45 and get ready to drive through the parking lot for the last time!  Make sure you make a sign to put on your car so we know who you are!

No assignments are given this week!  See you on Wednesday!

May 15

Friday, May 15, 2020

Happy FriYAY!!

Zoom Call at 11:30 today!  Everyone join to hear about End of the Year activities!  Click HERE to join the Zoom.  Look forward to seeing you then 🙂

Today is a “Catch Up” Day.  Turn in anything you haven’t completed yet.   

Finish listening to Mrs. Swafford read Shouting at the Rain in Thursday’s blog.  Take the EVRC test by Monday afternoon.

EVRC Tests from Home

May 14

5th Grade Drive of Honor Parade!!

I’m so excited!!  From Mr. Foster:

Good morning EV 5th Grade Families,

We are planning to honor our 5th grade students on Wednesday, May 20 with the “Drive of Honor” Parade at Eastvalley!  Since current restrictions will not allow the Walk of Honor as we have traditionally practiced, we are asking our 5th grade families to drive their soon to be Eastvalley graduate through our parking lot on Wednesday, May 20th beginning at 1:00 PM. 

Staff will form two lines through the parking lot (while maintaining social distancing of being 6 feet apart) and you can drive your child through the parking lot parade as we cheer and honor our 5th graders as the begin their journey beyond Eastvalley!

Families are welcome to meet in the parking lot of East Side Church next to the school between 12:30-12:45 PM.  Please continue to practice social distancing protocols when gathering next door. Our School Safety Officer will lead families out towards the school at 1:00 PM.  The parade will enter and exit at the main entrance with the traffic light at Holt Road.  All students and families should remain in the cars throughout the “Drive of Honor” parade.

While we wish we could give the Walk of Honor, we do want one more opportunity to recognize and congratulate our 5th graders for their achievement and success at Eastvalley!  Once social restrictions are lifted, we will look for an opportunity to host a 5th Grade Day possibly over the summer.

We miss our students and families and are looking forward to the “Drive of Honor” to celebrate them one last time as EV students!!!  Thank you and please mark your calendar for the “5th Grade Drive of Honor Parade” on Wednesday, May 20th at 1:00 PM! 



May 14

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Field Day

Have so much fun with Field Day.  Details are here on Coach W’s Blog

If you haven’t turned in your Math Arcade video, either send it to me or upload it on Flipgrid:

Math Arcade Flipgrid

Password: EV5thmath

Use this code to see other 5th Grader’s arcade games as well 🙂


Here is Mrs. Swafford read Shouting at the Rain, the last 3 readings.  Listen to these sometime before the end of the day Monday and take the EVRC test on this book.  Thank you Mrs. Swafford for being our guest reader 🙂

May 13

Math Arcade Video Directions

One of the activities we do with the Math Arcades is to play all the other classes’ games.  Mrs. Pluta made a flipgrid so we could at least see each other’s games. 

In your video, make sure you include:

  • Name of the game
  • Math skill
  • Show us how to play it

Upload your video with the link below.  If you don’t want yours to be seen by everyone, you can just send me the video.  Go here to see other arcade games!

Math Arcade Flipgrid

Password: EV5thmath