Welcome to Mrs. Stewart’s Biology Page,

I am excited to begin my 21st year of teaching!  I am starting my 19th year at Campbell High School.  I look forward to bringing new ideas into my instruction and looking forward to a wonderful school year.  When everyone works together for the good, milestones get accomplished.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at Venecia.stewart@cobbk12.org regarding questions or concerns about your child’s progress or the class in general.



Mrs. Stewart, Ed.S.

Gifted Certified Biology Teacher

CHS Earth Club Sponsor

New Unit: Evolution

Hello Parents/Guardians,

The students finished up the Organisms Unit this week and began Evolution today.  We will spend the next five days discussing various topics on Evolution, Speciation, the Age of the Earth, Natural and Artificial Selection, among other concepts.

The End of Course test is almost upon us (May 13th and 14th) and the Biology Department will have a review night session on Wednesday, May 8 from 3:45-4:45.

I would like to see as many students as possible participate in the session. Students were given an EOC Review Packet and should have completed it last week.  I also posted an EOC Power Point and State Study Guide on Google Classroom for the students’ use today.  Please note that we have not covered every topic in it as of yet.

Please encourage your son/daughter to peruse the content and ask questions regarding any material that has been taught in class but which he/she is uncertain of.

Please let me know how I can better assist your child in preparation for this assessment.


Mrs. Stewart, Ed.S.

Gifted Endorsed Biology Teacher


The Last Six Weeks of the Semester

Hello Parents/Guardians,

This week is the beginning of the last six weeks of the semester.  Students started the unit on Organisms/Classification last week and will finish the week up with the grouping of organisms into different Domains, Kingdoms and Classes.

Next week we will focus on Evolution and the week after that Ecology.  The Biology End of Course assessment is May 13th and 14th.  It counts 20% of the students’ overall grade.

Students started reviewing last week with science terms they learned throughout the semester.

Please have your child begin reviewing their note packets at home.  I will give them one or two review packets this week as well as post several options of studying on Google Classroom.


Have an awesome week!

Mrs. Stewart, Ed.S.

Gifted Endorsed and Honors Biology Educator

Mendelian Genetics

Happy Monday Parents,

This week we are learning about Gregor Mendel and Mendelian Genetics.  Students will work Punnett Squares and complete other activities.  Please check Synergy and make sure that your child has caught up on all of their assignments.

Spring Break is next week so all work needs to be turned in ASAP.

Students will test on DNA Processes and some aspects of Mendelian Genetics this Friday.

Have a wonderful week!


Mrs. Stewart

DNA Processes

Hello Parents,

This week we are study DNA replication, transcription and translation.  They are the processes by which DNA makes an exact copy of itself, transfers the information to mRNA and eventually creates a protein.

We are moving relatively fast in Biology to ensure that all of the information is covered before the Biology End of Course assessment, which is May 13 and May 14.  It counts 20% of the students’ overall grade.

It is imperative that students begin reading over notes as soon as they get them. They will most likely have some form of assessment on Friday, March 22.

Have a great week!


Mrs. Stewart

This Week’s Lesson

Good Evening Parents,

Students are concluding the learning of Cellular Reproduction this week,  which includes the topics of Mitosis and Meiosis.  They have also been given formal and informal assessments through the Cobb County Teaching and Learning System (CTLS) and on a website called Schoology.

These CTLS system is used as a measurement of self-assessment for the students as well as the teachers.  Common assessments within the biology department are given on Schoology.  Please make sure that your child is studying nightly using their note packets, notes taken in class and/or reading content available through the online textbook.

The Biology End of Course assessment has been changed to May 13 and 14th.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Stewart

Content Update

Good Morning Parents,

The students are studying Photosynthesis, Cellular Respiration and Fermentation this week.  There will be an assessment on Friday.  We have to pick up the pace and the students have to start studying more.

Thank you to all of the parents who sent in donations of bags of potatoes, teddy grahams, jelly belly jelly beans, gummy bears, salt, vinegar, Kleenex, wipes and hand sanitizer.  They are very much appreciated!

I had to alter the pacing guide regarding the sequence of instruction to correlate with the on level biology class but the students conducted labs using the gummy bears and potatoes.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.


Mrs. Stewart

New Test Date

Good Afternoon Students,

Your Chapter 1 Test has been changed to Monday, January 25th.  Make sure that you complete your study guide to help you prepare for the test.

Mrs. Stewart

Welcome to Honors Biology!

Hello My Brilliant Biology Students!

I am Mrs. Stewart, your biology teacher this semester.  It’s time to get to the business of learning all about the study of life, Biology.  Of course, there is no better topic under the sun!!

Plants conduct photosynthesis, our somatic cells conduct mitosis, our genes are dominant, recessive, co-dominant, or of polygenic inheritance. Our world is evolving and the environment is experiencing major changes.

Why not get excited about learning?  I will do everything within my power to make it interesting and invigorating.  Join me in 806. Come ready, willing and prepared to learn on a daily basis and together we will have a successful semester.




Mrs. Venecia Stewart, Ed.S.

Gifted Biology Teacher

CHS Earth Club Sponsor