spanish 1 year students

we keep reviewing and learning through POBRE ANA

this week we learned the conjugation of AR VERBS  , and how to describe our eyes and our hair.  we wrote and drew about Ana and her family , next week we are drawing and writing about ourselves . work will be hung outside the classroom for all to see our progress. 🙂

Spanish 6th, 7th,8th grades

this past week we went over how to ask the question “What’s the weather?   ¿Qué tiempo hace?

and 13 possible weather conditions  plus vocabulary related to weather (see powerpoint)

we also reviewed NUMBERS 1- 31 (possible days in a month )  and how to ask the question :When’s your birthday?

¿Cuándo es tu cumpleaños? ” and the answer  Mi cumpleaños es el…..

students took an OPEN NOTEBOOK QUIZ on friday, if students  pay attention during class and write down the notes that we write in class on their notebook they should have an “easy A”

que tiempo hace-1cqg4bb


8TH GRADE SPANISH 1 YEAR week of 5TH febrero to 9TH febrero

this week is a short week : it’s a 1-2-1-2-1

on tuesday 6th february : NO CLASSES (due to an ASSEMBLY)

class will be held on wednesday instead

on thursday 8th february : NO CLASSES (due to an ASSEMBLY)

ON wednesday 7th february , we will review our quiz taken last friday on verbs SER -ESTAR -TENER

we will keep reviewing verbs as we read POBRE ANA

academies 6th-7th-8th week of 5th february to 9th of february

we have been reviewing the calendar, the months of the year, the numbers (0-100)

difference between arabic and  roman numerals

zero = cero came to us from the maya people of north and central america

we have been reviewing how to write the date in spanish


el 6 de febrero


6/ 2 / 2018

question that we ask related  to numbers

1- how much does it cost?

2- how  old are you?

3- what is your phone number ?


it is VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP your NOTEBOOK UP TO DATE (what I write on the notebook and you see through the use of the document camera= YOU MUST WRITE)

quizzes will be  OPEN NOTEBOOK , so make sure to complete all your work

HIGH NUMBERS = 100 to 1,000,000

difference between CIENTO and CIEN



academies Spanish 6th, 7th, 8th grade

we are still trying to get all our notebooks in so that we can catch up putting our papers in order.

our notebooks are a way of keeping track of the work we have done and of how the student is going to get graded so IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT TO KEEP THE NOTEBOOK CURRENT.

We have been working on the calendar words and days and months of the year.

Next week, we will be watching a film called La ruta maya. (the Mayan route) , we will therefore be learning about the location and names of the Spanish speaking countries in the Americas.


spanish 1 year

Between MLK and 3 snow days last week,  and yours truly being absent due to laryngitis this week, I believe that the last time we met was on January 12th.

anyway ,yesterday we “attacked” two new verbs : ESTAR (to be) and TENER ( to have and “to be” with certain idiomatic expressions.

I am attaching the notes taken by Ms. Taylor S. (as she was  voted as the best note taker) I am also attaching a POWER POINT which we were not able to see due to the fact that the overhead projector was not working.

we will review all these verbs, their conjugation and their uses next week. and we will have our first quiz on verbs this coming Friday February 2.

– ser-1fglsw6

Estar- ser – tener-1m5nh70

Ser, estar , tener with pobre ana-17vuzgo (worksheet given on Thursday, January 25)

more to follow , keep logging in

hasta la semana que viene